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They DID like it

I know many of you have enjoyed posting some of the less favourable reviews you’ve found and discussing them/the wine involved, so I thought it might also be nice to share particulary fun/entertaining GOOD reviews we find.

My colleague @JO4WINE just shared this one with me, from a previous vintage of the Viognier Grès du Trias, posted back in May this year, which made me smile:

“As the kids say, this is bangin’. A really generous drop of wine; but not flabby or over perfumed as viognier can sometimes be. This holds itself together like a politician on Paxman, but fortunately it’s palatable and honest. I love a big rounded white that’s got enough acidity to keep it delicious and drinkable. Absolutely delicious and great value.”

I’ve spied some brilliant reviews from some Community regulars too in the past, so I’m sure there’ll be some of those we’d very much enjoy reading! :smile:


The lady who posted this review has come up with a number of real crackers in recent months. Always entertaining, I’m sure she’ll feature on this thread again.


“yummy” That’s all I need

Another one just sent my way from a colleague that enjoyed it:

"A frothy, unctuous delight. One day, I may even buy enough to bathe in. "

Short, sweet and to the point! :smiley:


This reminds me of @leah’s hilarious - nay, gushing! - review of the 2015 Rapsani:


Ah yes, this is one I’d been looking for but I couldn’t remember which wine it was for! :rofl: ‘Baptise your children in it’ was a particular favourite.


Yep! A great line… Though problematic for us Jews :smile:


I know the comment recommending bathing in wine was said tongue in cheek, (a tricky manoeuvre for an imbiber), but I am a little bit uneasy about it. Many community members are impressionable and this could be the reason that wine is selling out all of a sudden. Wine I want to buy! I am also dreading photographic evidence being posted on a what did you bathe in today thread.


Ha ha! Well, I limit myself to bathing in milk, a la Cleopatra - so nothing to fear from me :+1:


Hope the latest review refers to the style and not the nose. :grinning:


Haha! Love the shoe analogy, what a clever way of getting the point across in an accessible way.


"Crazy combination of power & elegance. For blind tasting students, this is an exceptional example of how Nerello Mascalese/Mt Etna can show the elegance & silky tannins of Pinot noir with the power & structure of Barolo. Bright red fruit with a mix of spice, floral & herbal elements that will continue to evolve with bottle age. Huge, powerful mouthfeel–again, very Barolo-like–that is undoubtedly full-bodied but carries itself with a surreal feather-lightness. Think of a male ballet dancer. "

Nice review and glad that I have already purchased.


I particularly liked the following bit of the top review, with a reminder of a feeling I very much share: “we join TWS for adventures beyond our ken. For that reason alone I would recommend at least one bottle, or more, for an adventure that will please if this is new to you.”


A clue for “Line of Duty”?

Last episode tomorrow


Great review for one of my favourite, ‘good value’ Burgundies and interested to hear that it ages so well.

“Lovely fresh / light pretty pinot noir. I used to buy this en primeur many moons ago, and then stopped for some reason (perhaps one year might not have been as good). So 2 years ago in 2018 - staying with a friend we raided his cellar and came across a 2006 bottle of this that I’d obviously given him and it had laid forgotten for many years. I warned that it would probably be well past it – but no it was still fantastic! Since when I have been re-buying. Oh fir the days when this was £69 for 6 en primeur!! This is a perfect wine to bring out with Epoisses.”

Mr T Penn ( 04-May-2021 )


I have a second bottle of that Lagrein to enjoy. The Hofstëtter version of this is marvellous, unpretentious but with a lot going on. I think I read that this is traditionally a bit of a ‘gutrot’ cheap wine but has had some more careful vinification.

Definitely decant. A lot of sediment. I remember it as very unexpectedly lovely, and a real revelation. It was one of those ‘this is why I’m a member of the wine society’ moments.


V good to hear - was that your review then?

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Argh - can’t put it up as it’s run out.


I reckon Lagrein, either in a blend or as a varietal, is a rather underrated grape. I think I’ve loved every example I’ve tried. I have a couple of those Hofstatters that I really should be thinking of opening sometime soon. Elena Walch makes a lovely one but I’ve not seen many places selling it in the UK and @Inbar introduced me to this one:

which is also lovely and I really must pick up some more sometime!