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Thelema "Mint"



This is something new I am going to try this weekend. Keen to hear feedback from other members, especially if the “mint” aspect blends well with the overall wine?


Menthol is a fairly common note in Cab Sav dominated wines. I really enjoy it personally, and find it complements the taste well. Would be interested to hear your experience of this wine!


There is a clone of CS called the Reynella clone (if memory serves) in which the minty aspect is very much forward when young. But it does recede somewhat on cellaring, so if this is what you are looking for, it’s best to drink sooner rather than later.


I am looking for harmony / balance between the “mint” aspect and the other flavour profiles you would typically find in a Cab Sav.


I remember a visit to Vergelegen with outspoken winemaker Andre van Rensburg when one of the others enthused about mint tones in Cabernet. That got Andre steamed up (doesn’t take much). In short, he’s not enthused, to put it mildly, and told us he had pulled up one of his vineyards whose wines expressed minty flavours