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The World Cup



I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s rather excited about upcoming festival of football that kicks off tonight. I feel positive about England - it’s a more likeable squad than we’ve had for a long time, and the performances ahead of the tournament have been encouraging… I’m also positive we won’t win it, and would be very happy with a quarter final appearance.

Around this time yesterday, I would have had Spain, France and Brazil down as the favourites, but after they sacked the coach I think I’ll replace Spain with Germany!

Who else will be watching? Any teams you’re looking forward to watching?


I’ll be watching! :smiley: And I have a really good feeling that there’s going to be a huge shocker and Switzerland or Sweden are going to win it this time. :+1:

That has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I drew them both in the office sweepstake.


90 mins is a good time to share a bottle and have nibbles…orrrr devour a whole bottle to yourself :blush:


I’m already bored of it, and it hasn’t even started

It might have something to do with the lack of the St. Andrews Cross amongst the flags of the competition, but to be honest, it is so over-hyped (and I’ve no particular love of the host country) that I really can’t be bothered

The only reason I might watch a few matches will be because I think my son ought to have some exposure to it, though none of us here are real sports fans

If anyone else wants to know how to mute any conversations that include the #worldcup tag here, just let me know :wink:


I’m absolutely with you on that. There’s a nasty taste to the whole thing, partly because of the rather iffy record of the host nation, the dubious process involved in them being awarded the honour of hosting, and FIFA’s general sleaziness.

I read somewhere about a football fan who felt so put off by FIFA and Russia that he devised a plan to help him deal with the guilt of watching it. He planned to boycott all the sponsors throughout the month the tournament is on, and donate amounts to Amnesty International for every match he watched - adjusting the amount based on the quality of the game. Not a bad option, and I’m considering something similar myself (I’m boycotting the sponsors anyway - not that avoiding Coca-Cola and Gazprom will be particularly difficult…)


Surely you can just adopt England as your team? Grabs tin hat and runs…



I’ll be watching. Maybe we should try and match a wine to each game?

Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France, Australia, Argentina, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, England and Japan all competing and wine-making countries. Probably more.


That might be fun at least. We should get @Ewan to help us match up the seeded teams with their relevant grapes from the #worldcupofgrapes and we can drink along


Russia vs Saudi Arabia tonight

Hurrah for TWS Taste!


Saw this and thought it relevant and amusing


Surely that is something you have got used to by now :rofl:


Well, we used to lose at cricket too, but …


But I do take your point! Indeed, we are more accustomed to a (well-behaved) spectator role


When we were at the Commonwealth Games in April there were a few Aussies wearing T-shirts proclaiming #beattheenglish :smirk: We didn’t actually speak to anyone wearing one of those but found that the Aussies in general were very friendly and welcoming everywhere we went, love their sport and like nothing better than beating the English at anything whilst being nice to English supporters at the same time. All very confusing.

Reminds me of the time I was on a west coast train travelling south when those Home International footie matches were still a thing (showing my age now!). Seats were scarce and I was in a carriage mostly populated by well oiled Scottish football fans heading for Wembley. Every time we pulled into a station and these folk saw an English fan on the platform it was like Pavlov and his dogs. They would hurle abuse and rude gestures in the English fans general direction, then settle back in their seats and and say solicitously ‘but we don’t mean you, hen’. :rofl::joy:


Ha! Well, it reminds me of this fantastic rugby advert … but could relate to football


Surprising start from Russia - everything I’d read suggested that they’d be the worst host nation of all time, but they’ve looked altogether competent in the first half.

That being the case, Saudi Arabia have been absolutely abysmal…


Here is your handy guide: grapes to seek out for each country, as per our recent #worldcupofgrapes

Country grape
Argentina syrah
Australia tannat
Belgium merlot
Brazil pinot noir
Columbia malbec
Costa Rica marsanne
Croatia pinot gris
Denmark sangiovese
Egypt blaufrankisch
England carignan
France sauvignon blanc
Germany chardonnay
Iceland melon de Bourgogne
Iran viognier
Japan grechetto
Mexico cabernet franc
Morocco aglianico
Nigeria montepulciano
Panama bacchus
Peru chenin blanc
Poland gamay
Portugal cabernet sauvignon
Russia verdelho
Saudi Arabia verdicchio
Senegal albariño
Serbia zinfandel
South Korea grenache gris
Spain riesling
Sweden nebbiolo
Switzerland grenache
Tunisia muscat
Uruguay mourvèdre


Or this

The only only saving grace for us English is that it is truly a pile of :poop: as a song.


Verdicchio might be packing their bags already! Strong start by Verdelho


As a huge Spurs fan I hope that the lads from my team do well for England…I can live in hope🙂 but normally it ends in disappointment. Perhaps Spurs can win the WC like West Ham did in 1966 or so the Hammers fans would have us believe…
My overall thoughts are that there about usually five to ten games that are very good but the rest are very average. Plus when it gets to the knockout stages it all gets very defensive - we shall see.