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The Wise One, 10-y.o. tawny. Idiosyncracy on stilts?



Not that one, but that wine comes under the heading of Australian “stickies” which can take many forms, all good in my limited experience and amazing value.
There are so many types and styles that it is not possible to pin them down, nearly all grapes are used from semillon, muscat, shiraz, reisling etc and the making involves botrytis grapes, the ripasso method, some left to dry on the vine, there’s no one way, but they are still relatively undiscovered and represent as I said great value, De Bortoli does some magnificent semillons, those I have tried, as Arthur Dailey said when it comes to stickies the world is your lobster !

I can see you are struggling with all those ports ? there is an obvious solution…


He looks like the sort of guy you worry about getting stuck in a lift with.

I completely agree with your comments on Australian stickies. We are really just touching on the (an) entry point with this one, but at the top end, they can be as breathtaking as their prices. Worth it if you feel like splashing out though.

To be fair, these sort of sweet wines get overlooked frequently all over the world. You would need a strong pancreas to become an expert in them though.