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The wines that just keep getting away


The thread about the Wine Century Club got me thinking about the wines/grapes that have never made it to my “tasted” list, and specifically about the ones that I really feel like I ought to have tried, because they’re quite mainstream. These are the ones that I really have always intended to try, but just never got around to, without any particular reason why. My top shameful omissions are:
Old-school, age-it-for-20-years, tar-and-roses-epiphany Barolo (ok, I know why I haven’t got around to this, because £££££££!);
Pecorino; and
Blaufrankisch (I have been on the verge of Blaufrankisch so many times, but just never managed to commit to it)

Someone please out-do me and tell me that you’ve never tried Merlot!

What's in your basket? [23 Apr]

Well you haven’t missed much with Pecorino, currently trendy, the Italians are good at “trendy” the good ones are fine but most fall into that huge melting pot of Italian whites that unless you are told you would have no idea what you were drinking, the list is endless.


I’m sure my walk of wine shame is littered with wines I somehow never seem to purchase and try. The first one that comes to mind is Condrieu. Always have the desire to buy it - always opt for a different Viognier. I have had such fab Viognier wines over the years that are so much cheaper, part of me perhaps can’t imagine what I’m missing (?) by not buying a Condrieu. I’m sure there will be those smacking their forehead in disbelief, but there you go! :blush:


I only tried PX for the first time last year!


@cerberus, totally with you on the pecorino among other non descript Italian whites… I’ve yet to taste a pecorino that sets me alight .


Ah, confession time!

My list includes Hermitage, Brunello and Pouilly-Fumé. I guess it’s mostly cost when it comes to the first two, and I’ve just never got round to the latter. Now I come to think about it, my everyday neglect of the Loire is quite shameful…!

Oh, and Hunter Valley semillon. Not sure how mainstream it is, but it’s generally regarded as a classic wine style and I still haven’t tried one.


How about Muscadet ? Tried that ? The Loire is not known as the garden of France for nothing :wink:


Yes, lovely stuff, especially sur lie…! Wonderfully underpriced as well. I think I’ve tried most of the main Loire styles but despite enjoying them, I haven’t often gone back for more.

Maybe I need to mix up a Loire-themed case for the summer…!


At first I was angry, but then I thought about it and now I just feel sorry for you.


I’m assuming you mean the Hunter Valley gap…? I’ll get there, I promise! It’s not for lack of wanting; something else just always seems to jump the queue.


Brunello is the more glaring omission for me - it’s pricey but sooooo worth it!


Well, at the risk of sounding wishy washy - all this little ‘survey’ shows is that we all have our preferences priorities and palate-biases… Something to celebrate, surely? :wink:


Good Brunello is out of this world. A 2007 Riserva was my wine epiphany of last year.


I actually generally don’t like any Viognier that isn’t Condrieu! I had a Guigal one a few years ago and it was a revelation!


Ah! I’ll start saving then :wink: it is a grape I love, so its Condrieu time will come, I’m sure!


There are two styles of Condrieu… make sure you try both.


I really like this thread.

It’s making me resolve to tick a few boxes, fill a few gaps, with the next order. Whether I can shell out on a Brunello this time round … … well, it depends on how punishing my 2016 Burgundy allocation turns out to be: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


I have never had condrieu either.
It’s probably the only ‘classic’ wine I have not had.


I recently had a few Blaufränkisch as Kekfrankos in Budapest. Excellent stuff along with several Furmints and Harslevelu over Christmas.


I have this on order for delivery tomorrow, so shall soon be free of my crippling, crippling Blaufrankisch shame