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The Wines of the Loire

You are spot on with the bakery by the castle. It has been there for about 50 years. It changed hands about 15 years ago but is top notch. We were there last month. The patisserie are magnificent.
Just round the corner there is a very smart wine shop. But it sells Bourgueil only…I wanted to buy some Chinon…I got a polite smile and a shake of the head.


You have got to admire the fiercely regional pride of The French.

In Brittany they go one step further and can deny being French, harbouring deep suspicions of those from Normandy or Paris.


Kids: “why are we going here?”

Me: “it’s pretty”


Is that at Chenonceau @Brocklehurstj ?

It’s the Chateau de Langeais. Inside for adults, outside for kids. Killed 90 minutes for us and the creperie and patisserie outside more time.

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Just back from a holiday trip along the upper Loire. It’s sad to report that a lot of the Loire is currently just sandbanks. It hasn’t stopped flowing of course, but the levels are well down.

On the Loire Chenins - I have a great attraction to the wines of Montlouis. For dry Chenins, I find them remarkably good value. The better ones are right up there alongside starrier apellations such as Savennieres (which itslef is still good value).


Ah. Could be worth a visit then. I’m in Saumur next weekend. This looks to be halfway to Vouvray (@Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis comments not being ignored of course - yes there is no doubt better value chenin than Vouvray) where we’re hoping to visit Huet.


For Montlouis please pay Franck Breton a visit and if you make it to Vouvray, I’d strongly recommend booking (essential) a trip to Francois Pinon. However, I found out today Francois died over the winter so it’s his son running things now.