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The Wine Society's own Range


For me the quality and value of TWS own labelled range of wines is exceptional. Such a great opportunity to find some gems from established producers at great prices. So much so that I have a number of Exhibition cases sitting in ‘My Reserves’ maturing and waiting for the right time.

This thought led me to dig out and share photo I took at an opportune visit to The Sampler a while ago where I stumbled across a 1959 and 1961 TWS claret (sourced by The Sampler via an auction I understand, and being offered at about £7 a sample). Whilst not intending to open up a debate on optimal drinking windows, both of these ‘pre-Beatles’ wines had held up extremely well for being nearly 60 years old. Personally I wouldn’t chance the purchase of such ages today, but I thought they were a real testament to the continued endevour and heritage of TWS overall.

I wonder if anyone on their travels had seen any vintage TWS wines in circulation? And to ask TWS if they ever keep, or have kept, any of their own stock back to perhaps sell at quite a later date? ( we all know you must have a secret stash somewhere :smile: ) Also it would be interesting to know of any of the TWS logs can track these specific wines to offer any indication of the continued great value you offered even back then?


Tasted the same 1961 at The Sampler in Wimbledon. I agree it was still enjoyable.


Even we don’t keep wines for that long - the examples pictured will have been bottled by us over here, though (we bottled wines ourselves up until 1991, first in London and then post-1965 here in St Evenage. (Our vintage Ports bottled over here were allegedly better than the same Ports bottled in Oporto as, rather than the pipes resting in situ before bottling, we had to roll them through the cellars to the bottling line, meaning more lees-stirring!)


Thanks for the reply Ewan :+1: