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🌙 The Wine Society To Go Biodynamic


It was Albert Einstein who said: “Look deep into nature; then you will understand everything.”

An increasing number of winemakers are doing this through becoming part of the biodynamic movement. Several of our winemakers follow biodynamic principles and over 600 vineyards in the world are now certified as biodynamic.

The Biodynamic Association states: “It is only when a wine expresses its terroir - the heart and soul - of its land and captures that magical and elusive sense of place that it becomes truly individual and truly great. One other essential ingredient is required: that of the deep connection between the winemaker and his/her grapes, a connection which goes far beyond its methods of production.”

We agree that better husbandry of vineyards and wineries that result from such practices can enhance the quality of wine; and we have therefore decided to run our cellars and offices along biodynamic lines. This will help us to improve the well-being of the business, of employees and indeed the wines that we store and sell.

For example, we will communicate our deep connection with our own terroir in St. Evenage by only employing locally raised and tamed vans for deliveries.

Our tasting room floor will now be treated with biodynamically produced compost, and prior to entry the buyers will be sprayed with a choice of field sprays – they can select from Horn Silica or Horn Manure, both of which have been shown to improve the efficiency of tastebuds when sprayed in the right quantities (and in the right places).

The influence of the moon is very important in the world, from tides to plant growth to animal and human behaviour, and so we will be planning our deliveries to members around the lunar cycle. Full cases will be picked only at a full moon, with zodiacal influences dictating when individual bottles should be picked: for example, wines that go with seafood will be selected when either Pisces or Cancer is rising, wines that match red meat when the moon is in Aries or Taurus, wines that have acidity and tannins in balance will be when Libra is in the ascendancy, etc.

We look forward to hearing from members about any other ideas they may have along these lines. Please address them to P. Davril in our marketing team.


I LOVE April fools… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
You’ve been waiting ALL evening to post this haven’t you​:hatched_chick:? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::thinking:


Ha ha! This really made me laugh! :joy::joy:
First April Fools Day joke of the day - hopefully not the last! (Need some comic relief to combat this very un-Springy weather!!) :+1:


I think you should only allow deliveries to occur on fruit or flower days.


As long as the reviews remain helpful and don’t become equally biodynamic… :water_buffalo::poop:


Ha, ha! Very good.