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The Wine Society launches initiative to support ‘key’ growers

Thanks for adding the link, just seen the email come in.

Looking forward to looking at this list… what do people like the look of?!

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Currently … 60 products on the list, plenty for people to choose from.

Apologies to anyone who can’t currently download the offer PDF - you should be able to, but it looks like a few people are having troubles. We’re looking into this now so I’ll update you ASAP.

The Crozes was already languishing in my basket so this makes it a no brainer :smiley:.

Also like the look of:


Either TWS have some issues with their site or there’s thousands of us looking at these offers


  • site is super slow with pages not loading.
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That’s the one that caught my eye as well.


I had no problems,
Downloading the .pdf was fine and just scrolled through.
It is an 18 MB file so possibly that might be a downloading issue. :+1: :grinning: :dragon:

Thought the magazine was great! Worked first time for me and actually really easy to scroll though on the phone. Like the links to specific wine pages as well


As always the problem for me is that I will only buy my absolute favourites by the case (usually EP) as I just don’t get through enough wine to justify having such concentrations of one vintage of one wine. The discovery mixed reds case looks appealing as I’ve not tried any of the wines and the idea of both buying and discovering seems to me to encapsulate everything that this offer should be about (at least assuming I like some of them enough to buy again!).


There was a ‘no downloads’ message as quoted by @SPmember but that has now gone.

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Me too! I’ve been eyeing this one up for a while - nice long time to extract from Reserves too…

Reading the bit at the foot of the web page about ‘doing the right thing’, my eye was caught by this photo and caption. Gosh, I thought, which member has had that lot delivered?

Until I realised exactly what ‘buyer’ it was referring to! Doh! :crazy_face: :flushed:


Looks like @Leah’s hallway to me, but I don’t think those are Decantalo boxes!


So that’s 12 bottles of initiative wines ordered. NO PROBLEMS AT ALL (well done TWS, another offer… offered, bought, and to be consumed sometime … I’m very happy to support the growers involved)

Including a Rioja Reserva 2007 for £12. An interesting Crozes, and a fine looking Ruffina.


Yes, it now downloads.

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1 case of Dom Jaume ordered!

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The Perrin Crozes is now about £1 a bottle cheaper than it was EP, plus you’ve saved a couple of years’ storage. Haven’t tried it, but for that price, 2016 vintage, and it comes in sixes, seems worth a punt.


So far I’ve purchased the Fine Reds Mixed Case, it’s due this Thursday and as there are some wines I’ve not tried before that’s my weekend sorted…if I like 1 or 2 of them enough I can order a case.


Ooh I have my eye on the Perrin crozes, probably like everyone else , however, I have so much wine right now I really need Mr.Leah to come home and start drinking some of it … (she says, whilst sitting sipping on a cup of tea :joy::rofl:)!


Same. Fine Reds Mixed case here too. Stuck it reserves though, the are going to have to await their turn. Have enough here already to keep me going until Christmas.
Was really pleased with this selection. Not tried any but 5 of them were potential future purchases anyway. The only one I’d be unlikely to order unprompted is the Sonoma Cab. Sarah K calls it a Sunday Roast wine which just happens to be one of my favorite wine styles.
Good work Wine Society.


I couldn’t quite figure the positioning of the ‘Fine’ reds mixed case as it’s only £9 more than the ‘Discovery’ reds mixed case. And I actually found the contents of the latter a little more interesting. Maybe because they’re just a little further from my normal comfort zone.