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The Wine Society launches initiative to support ‘key’ growers

Annoying to read about this in the wine press and see nothing on the WS website.

It launches next week, probably why. Seen some teasers on social media for it.

There is also a TWS soom event, which might give an indication as to who some of the producers included in the offer are:


I did see a video a few days on the TWS you tube channel about this. Seems to be a range of very high quality wineries

Well spotted.

There’s also several names mentioned for upcoming Instragram events:


Yes, @PierreM mentioned that Mac Forbes would be involved during his Instagram chat with Olly Smith. Think it will be one of his rieslings that normally ends up somewhere else, with a preferential price.


Might this be it?


This one must be


Hmm I was expecting significantly more than just one mixed case. I suspect they might just be trickling onto the site before the offer is officially launched.

Sorry Mike there are many mixed cases just linked one of them. Search backing our growers and your see various. Plus most of the wines in the cases are also available about discounted prices in 6s and 12s

Agreed, seen a few go on since this morning

Ah okay, yes, I see them now, though still no formal offer; I suspect that will pop up shortly once they’ve added them all to the database.

If we have a scheme to assist growers in these troubled times, then surely we should have a co-ordinated, high profile effort to let members know about it.
This “launch” seems like a dribble of information. :blush: :open_mouth: :dragon:

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I suspect once they’ve got everything set up on the database it will be properly launched. I think this is the way it normally goes. It’s just that someone in the community usually spots it first and we end up seeing it before the ‘formal’ release!


Looks like it’s up now


When I tried to download the pdf for this offer, I was directed to one of those awful issuu online versions:

this time with the explicit message: The publisher chose not to allow downloads for this publication.

Why not?

Sorry, I disagree with this.

I thought it was quite well put together, with live videos from TWS and the suppliers. I found it didn’t detract from the message, in fact was interesting to read about the individual suppliers and all the different challenges they have faced or how they have been able to incentivise us as consumers.

I think it allows for everything to be a bit more spread out (no concerns about number of pages of a printed version) and easy to read, not crammed into as small a space as possible.

Also the lagging, which affected this format originally seems totally sorted and I enjoyed reading it online like I would a printed version.


So once everyone has had a chance to browse the wines, what do we think are particularly attractive. I might be totally wrong, but it looks like there’s something there for most people.

What have you got your eye on and will you be tempted by the case discounts. Is the Chianti Riserva Rufina too good to be true?


It would be more consistent with the purpose of this initiative not to offer any price reductions.

But if there are to be reductions, it is annoying that the largest are on unmixed cases. I would be glad to experiment with some of these wines, at their list price, but having to pay a premium relative to those who order full cases (in some cases of several pounds per bottle) makes me feel resentful and less likely to order.

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So did I but I’d be interested to know why members can’t download it to read offline.

The Chianti Rufina was one that caught my eye too, but the standout for me was probably this one…


Just under £13 a bottle, in a 6 bottle case, from a great vintage and decent quality producer.