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Very much looking forward to the new season of The wine show.

Amazon Prime from this Thursday - this season based in Portugal but travelling the wine world as ever

Having watched many wine related tv shows over the years I do think this is one of the best - great production, not pretentious, affable presenters…whats not to like?!


That it’s on Amazon Prime!


I am also looking forward to it. I assume you all noticed that Mr. Fattorini has apparently been a very naughty boy recently.


Can you illuminate…? :thinking:


More profoundly objectionable than ‘very naughty’, I’d argue.

See here for starters: https://timatkin.com/on-wine-bitch/


And here.

So beneath the affable exterior lies a horrible bully. Depressing!


Yes it is also worth noting that one of the people he chose to take aim at was his fellow wine show presenter Amelia Singer, so it will be interesting to see what happens for future series of the wine show if they go ahead. I haven’t seen any of what was actually said until I followed the above links but have seen the aftermath unfold under #winebitch on twitter.

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Geez!.. This is really depressing stuff :grimacing:

Must admit that if we didn’t already have it (for son’s amazon kids subscription) I wouldn’t be out buying it of the back of one programme

Has been on main stream FTA here in the UK so, I’m guessing it was the best distribution they were offered - perhaps global and therefore significantly easier than getting distribution in each territory.

JF’s public response

Think it was too late to do much at this point for series 3 - there was probably an awful lot invested in it, by the time this whole business was made public and given the central role he plays.

Yes season 3 was filmed months ago and so nothing could be done - I mean in terms of season 4. At the end of the day it is the wine show which has given him the profile. He is no more qualified than many of the people he has criticised in reality. Not that that is an excuse.

Would be my view too…in the main.

There were a lot of hard hitting comments to those of both sexes - and certainly some of them were very personal…but if you flout your life in the public eye can the public not comment on your life ? When you build yourself up (influencers) there will always be someone ready to take you down …(for discussion not an agreement with the comments!!) Some comments were true but damaged the ego of those targeted.

Mental health has been cited and I know many on here have joined in discussions on how lock-down has affected people - was this periods of weakness using his quick witted brain and ability with words that simply went too far ? (again for discussion not giving an excuse)

Interesting comments on various SM platforms - many (esp outside of UK or where the wine show has had deep reach) are not aware of who he is and it is more the mysogynistic aspects of what was written and how the wine industry appears to follow these traits. One or two people seem to now be employing their ‘targeting’ to foster new followers etc…decide how you feel about them using the “no PR is bad PR”

I’m happy to say its not something i’ve seen on here…with a couple of exceptions (and I believe this people have had their knuckles rapped)


Yes S4 will surely be difficult but we must remember - he is only one part of the show and the production team are veterans of the industry and have probably dealt with similar/worse over the years

You have the ‘talent’ in the hosts - James Purefoy, Matthew Goode, Dominic West…perhaps even the wonderful Matthew Rhys will return

then their are various ‘experts’ - JF being just one of them

and as the show expands into other territories I am sure they will need to expand the experts into those known in the new territories…the talent, through their film/tv work already have a global reach

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I think this article by Anne Burchett is very good and can only recommend people to read it. Likely because it resonates with my thoughts on the matter…

Here is a link to a follow up piece to the piece (mentioned in this article) that Vinka Danitza has deleted from her blog due to pressure from youknowwho’s lawyers. I think it is also worth reading.


What I find a little confusing is that the messages he wrote (though obviously shouldn’t have been written let alone sent) were sent as private messages to friends via WhatsApp. According to his apology, at least, he “shared these private messages with some close friends. I never intended anyone to read these messages beyond the immediate recipients”.

This isn’t to absolve him of responsibility - a man of his influence in his sphere should know better - but equally, what’s the culpability of these ‘friends’? By forwarding these private message they knew they would spread shock, hurt and upset. Perhaps his biggest stupidity is to think that he has ‘close friends’ (what sort of close friends forward messages intended only for them?), but also to imagine that someone of his influence and standing in the wine world could get away with it.

It also highlights yet again the ‘trigger/send button’ happy world we live in, where every stupid, nasty, selfish and idiotic thought we have can be broadcasted instantly, without a pause to think of the consequences.


So he went from private creep to public creep - he’s done us all a favour by outing himself


I’ll bite.

Everyone has to build themselves up, get a reputation, learn, build a portfolio or whatever regardless of their career or specialist subject. Just because this is a different way of doing it outside the old (more elitist/gate-kept) way of doing so doesn’t give people the automatic right to “take them down”. I follow a good few wine insta-people/bloggers and while sure there’s the ones who are the stereotype you think of, but there’s also a lot of people who put in a lot of work and have built up a lot of knowledge to get to where they are. This can open up all sorts of questions about who gets to be the custodians on this knowledge and who the gate keepers are. Is the problem here that a group of young women and men have acquired this knowledge without the “gate keepers” consent and are thus “less than” and open for attack by said gatekeepers?

This opens a whole load of other questions. If this was the case, why did he do so anonymously? I find this whole “line of defence” very difficult to believe, before we even get on to your other points about it not absolving him of responsibility. “I’m only a massive **** in private” doesn’t really cut it.


I think this is the reason that the cease and desist were issued - movement of private messages into the public domain

social media…aren’t we all wise in hindsight

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I wholeheartedly agree. Then again, ‘the log in our own eye’ and all that… how may of us bitch about people in private? How many of us are less than perfect individuals, with at least one or two less than charming personal traits? I hazard a guess at 100%.

Of course, seeing someone who is in a position of power/responsibility/role model showing - intentionally or not - their uglier side is perhaps more shocking, and can bring a whole load of questions about their authority and value as a role model. But to pretend that none of us have these shadier side, and so here we are judging from this postion of moral cleanliness - I’m not so comfortable with that.

Fattorini had shown himself to be a massive wanker with a rather large ego, for sure. And I’m sure he hasn’t even begun to live with the consequences of this stupidity. I also agree with you that sending these private messages under a pseudonym stinks of something else, rather than just intended ‘satire’, but personally, I’d like to think that if I sent a private message to a friend, it remains private.

If the friend has an issue with the way my moral compass is pointing - they should take me to task about it, rather than start forwarding my ill-written and ugly messages. Unless I’ve done something illegal or criminal, of course - which he hasn’t.