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The Wine Show, Channel 5, Friday 12th


How dreadful was that? What on earth is Jancis Robinson lowering herself to be in a production like that?
Or is it just me!?
(Available on catch-up for those who missed it – if you really want to subject yourself to it!)


Haha! We did watch it. We saw the first season as well. I must admit it is rubbish but they tend to have moments during the series which are interesting and as far as wine tv shows go, there isn’t much competition. My wife and I tend to just shout at the episodes all the way through like Gogglebox.

“Give me a wine that’s like Sprite!”


ZThe programme was perfectly fine. For 7pm on a Friday on Ch5.

What do you expect? It’s entertainment.


Looks like Jancis couldn’t make her mind up :joy::wine_glass:


I didn’t see it but I thought the first series was pretty good.

Don’t forget it’s a mainstream show on a popular channel that is supposed to appeal to the many rather than the few.

The only other series I can compare it to is the one that Oz and James did a few years ago which can still be seen on youtube. I thought that was excellent and did good job of educating novices without becoming pretentious or patronising.


It’s just you. It’s entertaining, visually pleasing & ideal light viewing for the start of the weekend.


I’ll have a look at Series 2 tonight. I quite enjoyed Series 1. I found it easier viewing by think of it as a travel programme with wine as part of the scenery.

Hopefully it’ll also pique viewers’ interest and draw them into the wonderful world of wine (the original www.). Some may even end up here.:crossed_fingers:


Haha! That’s my kind of heckle.

Must admit I’m no fan of the show either, so it isn’t just you, @seworby. I find it a bit cringe and it doesn’t really hold my attention. But I don’t think it’s really aimed at me either so that’s fine!


Brave of you to stick your head above the parapet and not be scared of making your point. It is not clear whether you are complaining about the production values or the content (perhaps both) but I wonder whether you are helping to reinforce the persona of the “wine expert” who really doesn’t want his world cluttered with people who just enjoy a glass and don’t mind being seen in the wine aisle at Tesco.


I think that @kieran_h is absolutely right on this - it is meant to appeal to a broad audience that may not include many of us here.

What is interesting about The Wine Show is that they appear to have managed to find a way to get people who ARE wine experts to speak to NON experts about wine, and to do this in a visually appealing way as well (I love @Rowley_Birkin_II’s comment about it being a kind of travel programme).

However since we recognise the presenters, we (the truly wine-soaked) might have expectations about the content that aren’t met, and I can understand @seworby’s reaction.

Unless you are watching it to see how we might speak about wine with a different kind of wine drinker, then it will probably not appeal to most of us.

I enjoy the fact that I have met most of the wine experts on the show personally, so it is interesting to see their TV persona.


Case in point … not technically useful, but amusing and might start a ‘real’ conversation with that new wine drinker on another day:


I have to admit I was struggling to see who the show would appeal to, exactly. Not wishing to offend anyone here, but I certainly couldn’t see it appealing to anyone serious about wine. And I couldn’t see why Mr/Mrs Average who goes down the offy for a bottle of cheap plonk on a Friday night would be even contemplating watching a show purporting to be about wine in the first place!


Lest we take ourselves too seriously :wink:

Meet the Members: JayKay

that’s one of my all-time favourites

“I’m gonna come round to your house … and suck your turbot!”


That’s brilliant - I’ve never seen that before.


you’re probably too young :wink:

There was also this one from about the same time:


I like the Mustang


First series was brilliant can’t wait to see the final wine box. Hopefully it’s available in UK at a reasonable price this time. Funniest wine programme ever.


I too watched first series and didn’t think it was too bad. Tonight has Susana Balbo on and her Susana Balbo Brioso Mendoza 2014 is a really fabulous wine, despite a ridiculously heavy bottle. So they aren’t just covering populist/supermarket wine which has to be good thing.


Perhaps someone who could stand to watch all the way through could give the rest of us timings of when there is something on wine, so we can skip the rest?