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i would preferr to go west to Ireland and if BREXIT is awful we might just decide to do that.


A lot worse places you could go…:wink:


I tend to like Barsac, as well, but it is important to tell the type of reader that the Times was presumably aiming at that it is part of Sauternes, not a different region.


If i had a lot more money I would spend my summer on Cote d’Azure. We had a a week at Menton one year .with a sea view from our hotel room.


Peynaud reckoned (based on published research in Bordeaux I believe) that decanting to aerate wine never improved sound wine, implying I think that it could help with reduction issues. Jancis used to take that line too, but more recently I note she is coming round to the more conventional view. So Jane MacQuitty’s statement does have an authoritative history. I would say that it is ultimately is a matter of taste, and it’s silly to be prescriptive one way or the other about whether to aerate.

Regardless there is a lot of other guff in that article too!

Edit: I meant to say UNpublished research


It’s utter nonsense. Nothing from the Southern Hemisphere is worth cellaring is my favourite - I would have thought Meerlust, Weinert and Grosset might get together to write a stern letter…


:thinking: yep!


I’ve always taken the view that decanting was good for getting any muck out of the bottle. Big glasses do the rest!


i dont like big glasses


I finish up decanting most reds, on the basis that it is the best way of finding out whether there is sediment or not. And with younger reds it doesn’t hurt anyway.


Some reasonable observations at the start and went downhill rapidly…

…no reason to decant, don’t lay down any Southern Hemisphere wines…

did McQuitty write this tosh? She should Quitty then!!

The Times is a rag nowadays anyway.


i am Guardian reader and I have been reading it since it was the Manchester Guardian


With the late, great, John Arlott writing for it…


yeah…drink that grange nice and young ! :joy:


it was interesting to read wine industry comments on social media over the weekend… to sum up…“don’t write about wine when drunk”


Great advice - if you only buy £4.99 wine from the special offer shelves of the supermarkets…