The wine critics guide

Some wine critics I like and enjoy reading their work, others, well lets just say have questionable loyalties.
This article, I thought the community might find interesting. Some of the advice on this is just plain wrong and I’m pretty surprised a top rag would publish it, judge for yourselves…

The last Tokaji I had wasn’t fiery and I WILL continue to decant…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I had read that over the weekend and I thought it started quite well but then some of the points were just odd to say the least.

No point decanting; no point letting any wine breathe before drinking, it does more harm than good; wine should smell “appetisingly winey”; no mention about temperature fluctuation on the bit about storing wine.


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And it claimed that Barsac was a separate commune next to Sauternes.

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This is an advert fot the Times. If one follows the link . it states you have to subscribe to digital content if you want to read it.

Ah, yes. it’s behind a paywall.

Don’t worry. You’re not missing out on much!

If you search for the article on a separate browser you will be able to view the full content :wink:.

No that doesnt work. Theres no way of getting round the Pay wall.

It’s a Noddy guide to wine written by Noddy.

Who writes that wine should smell “appetisingly winey”??

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Try this link ! This one is definitely free.


thanks .

WIne criticism in the mainstream “press” isn’t generally very good. Easy enough just to give a few tips (the useful bit) without the error strewn “facts”

Thanks for the help through the paywall!


I notice in it that it says Decanting is a waste of time. I disagree. We drink the wine at the main meal of the day. As theres only two of us i decant half the bottle into a pyrex glass jug several hours before i drink the wine . On the Blaufrankish classic bottle its states the wine should be decanted 1-2 hrs before drinking .It improves the drinking quality markedly to do so. If thats a sample of the Times Guide to wine then its not worth reading.

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I would go even further…

South I presume…

It’s the only direction :slight_smile:

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I doubt that its written by Noddy. Because clearly he didnt have Big Ears to help him pick up real and helpful information about wine. Its clearly written by someone who doesnt know anything about wine for people who havnt joined thw WS

Maybe I’m missing the point here but Barsac is a separate commune as are Bommes, Fargues and Preignac all in the Sauternes region and wines from Barsac can be labelled Sauternes or Barsac. Doesn’t detract from the fact that much of the article is just poor.

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No: she said that Sauternes and Barsac were separate communes, so you should try Barsac if you want something different from Sauternes. This didn’t seem helpful.

I won’t argue if that’s how your reading of it is. However there are discernible differences, just as there are between say St Julien and Margaux, but I agree they are differences that are subtle not coarse.

I prefer Barsac to Sauternes. I did a tasting of 5 Barsac and 5 Sauternes and preferred the former every time