The Whisky Show 2022

Did anyone attend this year’s show over the weekend past at Old Billingsgate? It was a great day out, many wonderful drams to enjoy.

My Top 5 bottlings which I’d actually buy (so taking price into account), in no particular order:

  • Midleton Very Rare 2022
  • Whistlepig 15
  • Gold Spot 9yo
  • Longmorn 23 (Secret Speyside)
  • Glen Keith 21 (Secret Speyside)

And a few I’d love to enjoy at home but which are a bit punchy on the pricing:

  • Redbreast 27
  • Michter’s 20yo bourbon
  • Mortlach 21
  • Longmorn 25, Glen Keith 25 & 28 (Secret Speyside)

What were yours?


Glad to hear the Gold spot is good, I haven’t tried any of the ‘spot’ bottlings yet but took a flyer on a bottle of the gold recently.

I had tried all the spots (well, all the colours, not the various incarnations of some of them) and honestly found the Gold to be the best to date. And it was at the beginning of the day when I visited the Midleton stand, so I don’t think I was getting carried away with too many drams and then thinking everything was great :smile:

That definitely happened later though, so my afternoon tasting notes I have heavily discounted.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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I have only tried the Green & Yellow spots. Green @ £39 I wouldn’t buy again - it was youthful and bitey. The Yellow however I keep returning to, love the intensity of peaches apricots & melons - PROVIDING I can get a bottle for £60 ish - it is very good indeed & really sings for a 12 y/o. Almost as good as Redbreast cask strength (also 12 y/o) which lacks the singular clarity of Yellow spot, but wins on complexity & spice.

Gold spot at £110 for a 9 y/o seems opportunist (is that a word?) and overly priced. One for the flippers to play with.

Very nice drop indeed :star_struck:


Seems to be the general trend with whisky: everything is overpriced and even then any half decent one can be hard to source.

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If it helps. I tend to buy from Tyndrumwhisky online, they are well priced (but no ‘spot’ whiskey currently) you have to be lucky to catch a bottle of Springbank nowadays. Like you say… it’s an expensive hobby.

Whisky benefited over the last decade along with many other so called ‘alternative’ assets due to free money…indeed cheaper than free in the form of negative real interest rates.

Wine to a degree too but it tends to have a shorter lifespan and also shorter production lead time.

These days are past now, with nominal interest rates heading up rapidly plus more supply now coming on. I suspect that pricing will have to reflect this…it has with more liquid assets (no pun intended!) such as bonds, equities etc. Others will catch up. Asset prices are deflating.