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The trouble with being retired and a pedant


Today I got a mailing which included “Members Favourites 2018”, with the proper English spelling too! I was skimming through it and was surprised not to see any cava amongst the Fizz. This got my attention so I started reading more carefully.
What I found was that “favourite” actually meant “bestselling producer-label wines”, which I didn’t really consider to be the same thing. Going back to Fizz I looked at Prosecco Brut I Duecentro and noticed that it had no reviews at all since 2016. For comparison I checked Hortas do Caiserinho Frisante which has 3 five star reviews for 2018. To me this seems a more likely 2018 favourite, though possibly not a bestseller.
So, in short, yes I have too much time on my hands. Should I consider going back to work, or just open another bottle?


If you did the former you could do more of the latter!!


Open another bottle and keep up the good work!


And perhaps be able to afford more of my favourite wines!


Rob a bank?? I’ll be the get away driver, split the heist :wink:


I think that will have to be Plan B, or perhaps C, for the moment.


Carry on @Andy999. Keep an eye on and call out blatant marketing nonsense


Legal decent honest and truthful is the mantra for advertising I believe. I don’t know what the equivalent might be for internal membership distributions.


I would advise against drinking to cure pedantry. It might work to an extent, but I fear it also increases the tendancy to rant and pick arguments online.