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The traditional British May-time summer is here. What are we celebrating with?


There always seems to be a week or so in May that suddenly gets warm and we all start thinking “Summer is here” … only to be disappointed for the next three months or so.

So, we must make the best of what we have today. Carpe diem and all that.

What are you opening to celebrate the arrival of the sun?

I think I’ll head home tonight and crack open a bottle of some Alvarinho I’ve been keeping. I do love Anselmo Mendes’ wines:


Whenever it gets sunny I love to drink some Domaine Jones - this is the current one we’re planning on opening this weekend:

My husband and I always associate Domaine Jones with sunshine because we went to do a vineyard harvest there with some friends a few years back - glorious sunshine and back-breaking grape picking, plus lots of al fresco wine and food created lots of fond memories! :grinning:


For me it’s all about whites, rosés and fresh, light reds. So here are three I love at this time of year, and a bonus one:

From the genius winemakers and exquisite terroir of Pazo Señorans in Galicia:

Delicious Grenache/Syrah blend for those moments in the garden before an evening barbecue when the sun is low in the sky:

Fabulously fragrant, fruity and fresh Bardolino:

And I just can’t get enough good Beaujolais - the Society is soooo good at Beaujolais, and this Fleurie is an great example of value, freshness, intensity and seriousness - frankly bonkers at this price: