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The Tour de France 2021 - It's baaaaaaaack!

Love it! Maybe add a Tasmanian bottle to celebrate Richie’s presence :grinning:


Oh, wow! Supposedly a quiet stage. Some Instagram idiot with a massive bit of cardboard did for Tony Martin. I still don’t know if he got back or if he’s out. Peleton seems to be moving sprightly just now but there will be a lot of adrenalin.

I forgot, in my list of things that might happen:

  • Moron spectators being f&*@ing morons…

Erm… does Alaphilippe do anything but that?


One smug hospital patient sitting here! Go Julian!!!



Plenty of options from Stage 19. Starts off in Jurancon, skirts Tursan and passes both Cadillac and Barsac…


Crashes aside, the racing so far has been splendid. Chapeau to the thoroughly deserving winners of the first two stages.

Out of the GC contenders, Pog and Rog have looked really impressive. The old song ‘I only have eyes for you’ keeps on springing to mind as they mark one another’s moves whenever bonus seconds are available. So far, it’s difficult for me to see past them for the overall win come Paris.

That said, there’s still a long way to go and all kinds of stuff can, and will, happen out on the road over the next three weeks.


I’m enjoying the difficult finishes to add drama to otherwise mainly flat stages. In previous years the first week or so (aside from crazy crosswind-induced splits) has been pretty uneventful but the opening weekend has made for great watching. I do accept that the sprinters also deserve their stage finishes though!

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La Course is worth a watch.
It was pretty good to watch but they needed a better circuit. Pretty exciting but it could have been a lot more if they had got a decent route.

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Forgot to say, after feelgood winners of the first two stages it would be great to see that trend continue today with a sprint win for Cav. :crossed_fingers:


Yes, though maybe that woman with the cardboard sign went too far on the ‘drama’ front… :wink:

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Agree…the crowds are one of the things that make the Tour what it is but almost every race has its clown who somehow causes carnage for the riders. Imagine how embarrassed she must have felt. Simply wanted to say hello to her granny and now famous for all the wrong reasons.

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Wow. Stage 3 (spoiler alert!) was a massacre. What an amazing load of crashes. Not even a twitchy peleton but it seemed to be inattention, bad luck, twisty roads, maybe a speed bump or two. It’s all open.


She has more than embarrassment to contend with, the Police are looking for her as she did a runner.

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Quite right they’re looking for her. She caused an accident then didn’t have the decency to stay and even apologise. I don’t know if there’s a law in France (as in many countries) about leaving the scene of an accident if you’ve been involved…

“We are suing this woman who behaved so badly,” Tour deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault told French news organization AFP. “We are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this don’t spoil the show for everyone.”

A representative for the gendarmerie of the Finistere region of France told the Daily Mail, “The spectator who caused this accident left the scene before the arrival of the investigators. Everything is being done to try and find her.”

Four riders had to abandon and a Swiss rider had a dislocated shoulder but still started this morning, plus all those caught out who are now at a disadvantage timewise.


None of this is new, bad crashes are part of the game as today has shown, but sometimes they are serious, I remember this when the Tour used to finish on the old Parc de Prince track.

On 19 July 1958 the Tour finished at the Parc des Princes in western Paris. The 70-year-old sécrétaire-général[8] of the stadium, Constant Wouters[9] ran across the grass in the centre of the ground to prevent photographers encroaching on the track.[10] The journalists hid the riders and Wouters from each other and Darrigade rode into Wouters as he stepped on to the track. Darrigade was lifted from his bike and turned round and Wouters thrown into the air.[11] Both fell heavily and were taken to hospital.

Wouters was treated at the nearby Boucicaut medical centre but died on 31 July.[12] Darrigade cracked his skull and broke ribs.[3] He was able to return before the end of the meeting to take a lap of honour

I didn’t know that. You could argue that her initial action was rank stupidity, but doing a runner takes it to a whole new level.

Again, I’d never heard about this, and I’ve read quite a bit about the history of the Tour. That’s a really dramatic picture and a sad story.

Just caught up.