The Three Drinkers

This is the trailer for the new “The three drinkers” series on whisky. After hearing all the hype and reading about it, I was quite interested to see the finished product and sat down to watch it on Saturday evening with Mr. Leah.
Has anyone else watched it yet?
The hosts are Aidy Smith, Helena Nicklin and Colin Hampden-White. The programme follows the three drinkers driving from one distillery to another and “seemingly” tasting whisky. One of the first issues was that you didn’t actually even see any of the cast actually sip ANYTHING until the third episode and then it was just a tiny little sip onboard a boat on lockness. (There really wasn’t much tasting going on at all.)
I really really wanted to like this 3 part series but it just didn’t flow at all.
The chemistry was awful between the cast members and they just had no craic what so ever. I wonder if it was completely unscripted or just a mish-mash of personalities.
I don’t think there was anything wrong with the individuals but together they just did not gell at all. I also wonder what the budget was like as it just looked low end and not really what I would have expected from Amazon Prime. I’m not sure whether I would watch the next episodes.
Even though it was well narrated by Helena and the scenery was very beautiful, I was just generally quite disappointed over all.

Any thoughts from anyone else??

(( I have self deleted a link to a satire website ref the Whisky industry… not wishing to cause offence etc ))

Seems one of the 3 drinkers is " head of brand partnerships at The Winerist " - which we have all heard of and respect, right? - great job title.

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They all work for the winerist in some capacity. I’ve just read your link and I’m genuinely wondering if this is satire?
I’m just baffled by the whole thing .

Sorry strictly terrestrial @Leah

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