The spring fine wine list

I can’t see a thread on this, if there is one feel free to merge.

I’ve had my paper copy for a bit so no doubt much that is interesting will be OOS already.

Nice to see a few Madeiras on the list. The white burgundy was a bit scary price wise but a lovely selection, as is the 2020 south of France selection. And the Chiantis.

I looked at the 2014 Margaux and wondered where the 15s were. My grandmother’s words about cods’ heads in the war came into my mind; ‘What happened to all their bodies that’s what I’d like to know!’


I did not get a paper copy or an email - I suppose I cannot know what I missed out on if I do not know what was there is the first place.

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Here you go…

I received a paper copy a couple of days ago.

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Arrived today. I really like the look of the New Horizons brochure.

Had the horizon brochure today but no FWL yet

I had both arrive in the same envelope (the fine wine list is called The Collection), along with the 2023 TWS laminated pocket vintage chart.


You may have to ask to be put in the fine wine list.

No ‘New Horizons’ or laminated vintage chart here. I’m unbothered by new horizons but to miss out on a laminated vintage chart is a bitter blow.

And I do like the non glossy paper on the new list, so much better for lighting the fire with.


You could print it and make your own with some sticky-backed plastic, Blue Peter style…


Actually, a few of the wines I was looking for in New Horizons ended up in The Collection :rofl:

I mean, I really thought this Vanguardist McLaren Vale Grenache was going to end up in NH, but it’s a Small Wonder instead.

It’s my first time online here for a long time. I assumed the Society had stopped sending out printed lists - I haven’t had one for years. Is it just me?

Just you. I get them but straight in the recycling…

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It would be nice to have the choice.

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I’d try member services

Thanks, I have sent them an email. It’s not the first time I have fallen off their mailing list.

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You can check your settings online. Log in to your account online and go to

My Account > Manage My Details > Contact Preferences

There you opt in/out of email / post communications. With the exception of The List, it’s all or nothing i.e. you can say yes or no to all emails, and yes or no to all post, but not choose which emails or post you receive.

But even if you say you want all of them be prepared for the randomness of the system that still means you do not get half of them

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I’m sure that happens, though in fairness hasn’t happened to me so far. Timing can be unpredictable, but I seem to get everything. For some reason, TWS emails starting going into my spam folder recently, but hopefully I can fix that at my end.

FWIW, i haven’t received the list (or laminte!) yet! Preferences all appear correct in My Account.
I have e mailed MS, although after the recent run of EP and First Release offers, I may have spent this years budget (& next years, the year after that, together with… :wink:) So it will require financial discipline :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Let us know how quickly they respond. They said last year that they would try to improve on their old 2 day response time, and they seem to be improving, but worth keeping an eye on it.