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The spreadsheet thread

There’s been a bit of discussion recently about how people keep track of their cellars which seems to fall into 2 main camps… Cellartracker vs. Spreadsheet. I did tinker with CT for a while but eventually found a spreadsheet served my purposes better. In the spirit of sharing and learning I’m sure there are people here with interesting ways of building spreadsheets to track various things and thought it would be good to compare notes? I’m happy to kick things off.

My spreadsheet has evolved over the last few years and got a bit more fancy over time. Currently, the main column headings are…

Producer, Wine ,Colour, Country, Category, Grape Composition, Vintage, Source, Cost (EP), Cost (DP), Delivery, Stock Expected, Stock Added, Stock Remaining, Total Stock, % of cellar, Location, Drinking Window (years), Position in Drinking Window, % Maturity.

The function of most of those are obvious, but as it keeps a record of all wines bought whether physically in hand yet or not then delivery and stock expected are helpful. As is Location as some wines are physically in my cellar in Sweden, some in Reserves in TWS and some not yet delivered from EP campaigns.

I also have a graphical representation of drinking window and position within that window so I can keep an eye on when things are reaching maturity - and some of the columns do that in number/% form as well.

Overall, it looks like this…

Would love to hear how others keep track of cellars outside of Cellartracker? I can’t be the only geek on here!


Part 2 - even more nerdy… PivotTables can be fun!

There spreadsheet also contains a few ways to visualise what’s going on. For exampe, an analysis of grape varieties…

I have similar for vintage, red vs white, country of origin and % maturity.

The joys of working from home during covid-19.


how do you work the graphical representation of drinking window ?


That bit is manual entry. When a wine gets entered I colour cells to represent years and then highlight the year we’re in…


It’s a quick an easy way to see how far through the maturation it is. I change the colour shade to highlight wines reaching the end of their time as a reminder to drink up. The drinking window length is usually set by TWS recommendations, which tend to the conservative - so in some cases I extend them out a bit.


I did something similar (pre CT) and used conditional formatting to do the highlighting


ah - ok …didnt know if you had a fil function based on some cells

im not a great fan of conditional formatting…but certainly would work

A simpler google sheet for me.

Start drinking window
End drinking window
Bottle notes

The different wine racks are (as discussed elsewhere) related to value of the wine, with left hand wine rack being the fanciest (either financial or personal value) and then decreasing value towards the right. Unfortunately due to a few recent splurges the right hand wine rack does physically have a few bottles that should be much further left than they are!

I am thinking of adding where and when things were bought explicitly (it’s often in the “notes” section anyway).


Mine looks something like this…
first page for quick look at what / where in cellar at home (few not showing as in bin 99 (floor) which isn’t included in figures) - values taken out to protect me if my wife sees this

Have a couple of pivot tables too - drinking window is one and a general lookup


Hugely impressive.

My IT skills are limited to two finger typing and copy and paste.

This is well beyond me. I’ll stick with CT!!

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will add in wines lying elsewhere - currently have them on separate downloads from the relevant (BBR / TWS)

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these are nothing…love a good spreadsheet !!

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i’m just too much of a control freak to risk my data with someone else…im happy with what I have

horses for courses !


Party at yours then !!

Me too. What is most surprising is that I only have a spreadsheet rather than setting up a full database.

always welcome…if you can find me ! :rofl:

have noticed how a few bins have been “attacked” during lockdown…buying spree coming up

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its a mini database in all but name !

Don’t you put your notes after drinking on the spreadsheet? Essential if you go back to a supplier and want to know what you liked from them in the past. Not so important for standard regions where you probably remember what you like, but if you want to check which Moldovan was drinkable.

yes - column for tasting notes…but as these are all wines I haven’t drunk yet :wink:

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That’s exactly what the “Drunk!” tab is for. Prime example

One day I’ll get round to digitising my little black* books too.
*I say black, my current one is pink and silver

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