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The Society's Sunday League 2018-19



It’s back! The Society’s Sunday League is up and running! If you play the @OfficialFPL Fantasy Premier League , make sure you join our league by using code 351783-75321. The winning UK-based Society member will win a magnum of The Society’s Champagne!

(Also, I am running a league in aid of The Benevolent, the UK’s drinks trade charity, who have helped my family, as well as colleagues from The Society and other businesses in our times of need over the past few years, with practical, emotional or financial support for whatever reason. If you’d like to join this league, then details can be found here. The prize there is also a magnum of said bubbles!

It's just a fantasy (football league)
It's just a fantasy (football league)

Thanks @Ewan Entering a team for the first time (appropriately named “Champagne Skills”) - roll on the season starting! Look forward to comparing notes in due course :soccer:


D’oh! Forgot I had read about this here too … only remembered twitter

Yup, I’m in … with no chance … again

But fun to give myself a small reason to care about football on a regular basis


ok why not. I’m terrible at these!


Need to hurry, though - deadline to be included in the first round of games is 7pm tonight!


Honestly, you can’t be worse than me! I set up my first ever team last night, with the help of Mr Laura, who I think was close to throwing me out the window because I kept picking players because I liked the sound of their name and insisted on designing my kit in Gryffindor colours…


Never say never Robert, looking forward to using you and Ewan as benchmarks again :slight_smile:


I just joined TWS today and have signed up to the league - currently I know more about FPL than wine but hope to remedy that!


Ooh, thanks for joining and the chance to crow :slight_smile:

Managing to hang in there in 11th place overall with a points total that puts me in the top 5% of all players this year so far … so not bad for someone who knows nothing about football

Unfortunately (for us), we have a leader who is 14,000th (out of 5,000,000+ players) in the overall competition, so WAAAY out ahead of the field. Just have to hope he gets distracted by wine instead of football for a while


You’ve slipped down a little since then Robert, I’ve managed to leapfrog you (not that I use you as a benchmark for my performance…no sir!) :wink:


I beg to differ. I selected a random team at the start and promptly forgot about it :smiley:

Amazingly I’m not dead last, yet.


I’m just happy to be on the first page of results. A little surprised I’m now ahead of @martin_brown and might we’ll catch @laura up too!


Ha! I have to admit I haven’t touched it since I set it up at the start of the season - good to see doing nothing was such a skilful ‘tactic’! :joy: I must learn more about football ready for next season…


Officially… dead last! Do I get a prize?

To be honest I forgot I had entered :rofl:


I’ve been trying a bit … and was doing fine until recently.

Gave up on a few players at the wrong times, but generally still happy for being in top 5% of world considering what I know about football :slight_smile:


Well played! 2018 was a cruel vintage for Fantasy Football personally :frowning: Hoping for brighter things now the 2019 fixtures are upon us