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The Society's Summer Press Tasting: 2nd installment

I find myself sitting at my desk in what is a giant metal shed on a grey industrial estate realising how fantastic the invite to attend the Wine Society’s world and what it means to be in this community.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to @Ewan again for arranging this day out as it was very generous to afford the membership with the chance to meet the great and the good of the wine world – 4 MWs and numerous high-profile journalists as it must create an impression (hopefully a good one) that you probably don’t get at the Waitrose or Tesco events.

I also finally got to meet the impossibly glamorous and lovely @Inbar who was my wine guide throughout the day – It quickly became apparent listening to her commentary on the wines that her palate is very attuned and can really pick out the key aspects of everything we tasted and her enormous enthusiasm for all of them. I just stared blankly at the glass.

We spoke to Pierre, Joanna, Sarah, Toby, Ewan and others about how they go about their job – The pressures for securing wine orders, their relationships with the producers and how they go about selecting the range. It really shone that the buyers and TWS in general punches above its weight in terms of revenue and market share vs. influence. Themes like taking risks on interesting batches, trusting in the producer’s art and even just getting on TWS list is an aspirational thing for any producer. We also heard about the pressures of what happens when you don’t make the cut on the list and how the buyer’s go about managing dips in demand or their ranges which was fascinating to see how they operate. We also saw Steven Spurrier but we both a bit star struck to go and say hello. We did try to peek a look at his extensive notes, but they would have been exactly the same as ours anyway.

So, to the important bit, what did we taste? Well, Inbar and I did the walk round together tasting fizz, lighter whites, full whites, light reds, full reds then on to sherry and stickies. I MAY….MAY have cocked the order up a bit with a reductive Jura half way through. The wines were ordered according to buyer as opposed to any particular order so we had to make up our own route. Joanna commented that she was very impressed that we were still upright and tasting after 75 wines and that often having a random order can keep your palate on its toes. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to that.

I might add I got my eye in the night before at The Sampler in Islington and tried some treeeeeeemendous stuff for not too much…Chassangne Montrachet, 2001 Cantenac-Brown, Chambolle-Musigny, top dry German Riesling, ‘The Cream’ Aussie Shiraz, 30 year old Gran Riserva and a beautiful SA Merlot. I didn’t make a note of the producers sadly, it was just nice to sample some outrageously good stuff at an accessible price. Yep, Enomatics for the win!

Right, the actual wines

Inbar took the evens, I took the odds.

I won’t list everything at length, so I will list what I felt the highlights were and work downwards. Pretty much every wine was in the £7 - £40 bracket so there was oodles of plentiful value bottles there and we were blown away numerous times with just how good these were at the price point…Like, really surprised!

Must buy

4 Australia 2017 Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 12.5% 10.95
Yes, it is an Australian Chardonnay. And yes, it has loads of oak, it’s complex, it’s got great body, creamy texture, toastiness on the finish and that fantastic savoury character, with acidity to give it that spruce. Just wonderful value at a shade over a tenner a bottle – If you’ve just ordered some white burgundy, did you keep your receipt?

10 Hambledon Première Cuvée Brut Hampshire 12% £38.00 (available 18th June)
Call me a little Englander…but I have a soft spot for any English sparkling. Maybe it’s the thin and insipid base wine we make in this country (though the 3 choirs knocked that stereotype into touch and then some) but the Première Cuvée really did shine. I didn’t make the same mistake as before when trying champers and English fizz together, we kept this last and rightly. Rich honey, sumptuous toasty brioche, fine mousse with almost a mead finish. It was like a Willy Wonka ever-lasting gobstopper where new flavours seemed to appear then go then come back. Sensory overload. It is £38 but that’s only a few quid more than a grand marque and for Christmas day or a special occasion I implore you to choose right and pick this – it really does have its own character, class, yet without being overly shouty. Think Terry Thomas climbing out of the bedroom window and into an E-Type getaway car.

26 2014 El Inquilino Crianza Rioja 14% £10.50
I’m so delighted I get to tell you about this wine! This is an 80/20 Temp/Garnacha blend – So a pronounced perfume of cherry, almond, soft elegant vanilla and had a real harmony together. Inbar and I were basically just smelling it…and smelling it. So fragrant and comforting. This has everything you look for in a comforting, opulent style of Rioja – Buttery finish, soft red fruit, full body but none of it is slapstick. You’d never know it was 14% ABV such is how well it had been brought together. Another outstanding value buy at only £10.50. I can’t see what more you could have done to this to improve it. Bravo Pierre!

44 2016 The Society’s Exhibition Colchagua Carmenère 14% £11.95
I made a bit of a bee-line to write this wine up first. In a word ‘outstanding’. This is actually the first time I tasted this as I missed the community tasting. This really stood out and spoke to me – It has pronounced green, fresh blackcurrant leaf, smoke and rounded beautifully. I preferred this to Koyle’s own label as it had wonderful complex fruit but that lift from the cooler-area. A must-buy and well done Toby Morrhall for finding it! A South American beauty for those who prefer a classic Bordeaux.

38 Half bottle of Williams & Humbert ‘As You Like It’ Medium Sweet 20.5% £22
Right now, there is an Inbar somewhere cursing my name that I got to write about this. You should have seen her eyes light up when she stuck her nose in the glass. A strong pronounced nose of raisin, prunes, almond, toffee. The moment it hit the palate the syrupy, fantastical mouthfeel is pure hedonism. The finish is so wonderfully smooth with pure truffley hazelnut which balanced the initial sugar rush. A marvel – At £22 you shouldn’t be umming and arring, this is a symphony.

Nice to try

2 France NV Jeaunaux-Robin Le Talus de Sainte Prix Brut 12% £ 28.00
Superb champers for under £30 – Strong yeast and brioche flavours, lemon curd on the finish, big mouthfeel.

6 Mac Forbes Woori Yallock Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 12% £39.00
I was going to add this into my ‘Must-buys’. A lighter style of pinot, very pale but a very aromatic nose of savoury mushroom, cherry, sweet spice – A very classy wine. The only thing that stopped me is that the equivalent wine you could get for the same price from a French appellation, SA, Oregon would outshine this – I think I remember the Domaine Tawse being just £36 last year and that was incredible – Difficult to justify this particular price tag, but if the lighter pinot is your cup of tea then this won’t disappoint.

8 2015 Bogle Vineyards California Merlot 13.5% £12.50 (Available w/c 25th June)
A guilty pleasure. Pure unbridled joy in a glass – Lots of fruit, pronounced oak, sweet spice and is like playing with a kitten and a ball of wool. Again, this nearly creeped into the ‘must-buys’ as at £12.50 this screams value but maybe my slight embarrassment at being so bowled over by the such upfront, lip-smacking deliciousness needed to be reined in. (Whispers: buy it)

20 2017 Astobiza Txacoli, Alava 12.5% £11.95 (Available 13th July)
My first Txacoli. I confess (now) that I’ve never even heard of it! It was summer, summer, summer! Lemon and apple flavours but kept on it’s lees and lifted the mouthfeel and a soft floral finish. Great alternative to a white rioja or even a Muscadet. To say this can also be done as a late harvest sticky makes me question if I’ll ever ‘know’ wine.

30 2017 Château Reynon Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux 14% £11.50
An immediate hit of grass, pleasant urea-like gooseberry. Really a very pronounced nose, which then makes way for a palate of apple, unripe pear, elderflower and a rosemary finish. I had the previous years vintage and that was a much more restrained affair.

32 2016 Chevalier Galant Côte de Brouilly 12.5% £8.95 (Available 13th July)
Text book Beaujolais cru. Strong whiff of savoury gym plimsole and bubble gum with soft strawberry on the palate.

42 2016 Maycas del Limarí Pinot Noir Reserva Especial 14% £13.95
Inbar’s first comment was ‘potting shed’. I thought it had a strong umami mushroom nose the delicious cherry on the palate. Great value alternative pinot.

36 2010 Vieux Château Saint André, Montagne Saint-Emilion 14.5% £14.95 Available 13th July
Popped this in here as it seemed great value for a mature St.Em, but I felt that it was a little too mature for my liking. Lots of cedar, cigar, a little blackcurrant fruit still. Maybe I was just a bit skewed by the young Society Claret I had before which is a blackcurrant bombshell. But if this is your thing ten your in for a well-priced treat!

[46 2013 Weinert Carrascal Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon 14% £9.50] Available 6th August
Possibly the most spoken about red producer on the community and I can see why! A fresh, crunchy style of cabernet, big tannins, fine oak but with ripe fruit. I’ve only just noticed this was NINE POUNDS FIFTY PENCE. It didn’t move me like the carmenere but this really is powerful stuff for the money – Possibly one to come back to in a few years.

54 2016 Dolcetto d’Alba, GB Burlotto 12.5% £11.50 Available 6th August
A lighter style of Dolcetto. The Dogliani was a huge wine – Thick and inky black. This is more of a full and dark Nebbiolo appearance with black fruit, acid, softer tannins but grippy of the finish.

58 2017 Moulin Blanc, Blanc de Noirs, Jérémie Mourat, Vin de France 13% £11.50 Available 18th June
A curious wine – A pinot made as a white. This worked much better than a white cabernet I had not that long ago. A nose of raspberry and fresh herbs with blackcurrant and forest fruits (and floor). I’d recommend anyone trying this – Joanna seemed very enthused and rightly so!

60 2017 Magnum of Rustenberg Chardonnay, Stellenbosch 13.5% £25.00
The only magnum on show and it comes with a heady complex nose of oak, toast and rish dairy malo. All this is stacked nicely against a notable acid structure. I think I’d devour a glass of this with a roast chicken or buttery skate and bacon but a whole magnum would be a challenge. For £25 this is why TWS works!

62 2016 Moselle ‘Les Hautes-Bassières’ Pinot Noir, Château de Vaux 12.5% £13.50
Excellent value regional pinot – Inbar suggested a ‘cough mixture’ character. I thought it had a light candy and almost slight sourness followed by an umami kick on the finish. Superb alternative to Red Burgundy if you have more sense than money (ducks).

The best of the rest

All good wines, but maybe just not for me on the day – I give a caveat that a palate that has tried that many wines won’t quite be as accurate, so my bet is that if these had been my first wines I would’ve loved them.

12 2017 Tetramythos Roditis Natur 12% £10.95 (Available 13th July)
14 Geyerhof StockWerk Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal 12% £12.50 (Available 13th July)
16 2016 Fodor Orange Wine, Maurer 11.5% £17.50 (Available 13th July)
18 2012 Villány Kekfrankos Nagytótfalu, Hummel 11.5% £12.50 (Available 13th July)
22 2017 Capricho Godello, Bierzo 13.5% £12.95 (Available 13th July)
24 2017 Pardas Sus Scrofa Sumoll, Penedès 12% £10.95 (Available 13th July)
28 2014 Finca Vallobera, Rioja 13.5% £15.50
34 2016 L’Usufruit de Clos du Notaire, Côtes de Bourg 13.5% £8.50 (Available 13th July)
40 2017 Undurraga Cauquenes Estate Maule Viognier-Roussanne-Marsanne 14% £7.75
48 2015 Zaha Toko Vineyard Paraje Altamira Malbec 13.5% £25.00
50 2017 Vescovado Guardavalle Calabria Bianco, Santa Venere 13% £12.50
52 2016 Lagrein Alto Adige, Hofstätter 13% £13.50 (Available 13th July)
56 2016 Cirò Rosso Gaglioppo, Santa Venere 13.5% £9.50 (Available 6th August)
64 2015 2015 Bourgueil, Domaine de Matabrune 12.5% £10.50
66 1998 Henriques and Henriques Medium Rich Single Harvest Madeira 50cl 19% £24.00
68 2015 Gimmeldingen Riesling, Müller-Catoir 12.5% £13.95 (Available 13th July)
70 2016 Pinot Noir, Coteau du Grésivaudan, Domaine Finot 13% £17.00
72 2017 Saint-Chinian, Domaine Raynier 14% £6.50
74 2015 Cahors Petit Clos, Clos Triguedina 13.5% £10.95

Gutted I didn’t get to review…Lucky Inbar!

  • Mac Forbes RS19- The world’s best lime cordial
  • The Exhibition Otago Pinot Noir – Great value lush new world pinot
  • Bodegas Murua Aclys Crianza – Rich complex rioja
  • Unduttaga Carignan – Pokey, fruit-driven yet lean and smoky. Yum!
  • Susana Balbo Malbec – Fully justifies the price tag. Great finesse. The journo standing next to us looked like he was about to sneak it under his jacket he was so crazy about it.
  • Late Harvest Txacoli – Best tasting sticky in a while! Exquisite marmalade and golden syrup!

I feel the effects of 75 wines have only just caught up with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah we skipped one coriscan rose so I’m not going mad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: i totally missed that! Yes, it was a looong day! :see_no_evil:


A great write up @Nowt_in_my_glass, thank you for sharing your insights! The Bleasdale Chardonnay and El Inquilino Rioja have gone straight on the wishlist :smile:

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Great notes @Nowt_in_my_glass
I think the Hambledon and the sherry will be in my next basket.

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Thanks @Nowt_in_my_glass for entertaining and informative notes. Makes me even sicker I can’t take up my place at the September tasting coming up :tired_face: Anyway, I find myself with a finger twitching to add stuff to the wish list now. And your comments on the Society’s Exhibition Chile Carmenere were interesting. I couldn’t get on with it until day three after opening, when I enjoyed it immensely. They must have taken it for a jog round the car park before presenting it at the press tasting by the sound of it!


Your comment was echoed by inbar… Maybe my penchant for scotch and double espressos is not doing me any favours! Awwww man you must be going to the craziest event to go to to miss this one!

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LOL! Nope, was simply opened and poured. It was a hot day, and so we were periodically dunking most of the reds in ice. This may have helped.

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Fantastic @Nowt_in_my_glass, thanks for the informative write up. You’ve made a mess of my wish list now…:tired_face:. I’m glad to see the Bourgueil will be back in stock too.


Brilliant descriptions, thank you. I too will be adding to the basket. Some great value in there.

Thank you so much for your informative, and fun, report back @Nowt_in_my_glass. Sounds like you had an excellent time. Echoing others, my wishlist will also be expanding as a result, some wonderful bottles to try, happy days!

Awesome write up! I am definitely putting the following wines on my wish list

I actually loved the Dogliani, it was cherry pie in the best possible wine sense, will have a look if there is more of it now… it seems it moved on to the new vintage… Guessing this one will feature on the Fine Wine List that is due to be released next Monday.

I fear I am going to fail miserably in trying to: 1. convey just how good some of the wines we tasted were and 2. compete with Simon’s fabulous notes. So I will forgo any such ambitions, and just hope to succeed in sharing my impressions.

Meeting Ewan and Simon was great! I felt like I’ve known them for years :grinning: Having a chance to meet and speak to the buyers was a privilege. Spending the day with Simon - comparing notes and palates, and swooning in the presence of Decanter writers- had made the experience all the more memorable! So thank you, @ewan, for the opportunity, and I sincerely hope every member gets a chance to take part in these fabulous tastings.

Simon reviewed the even ones on the list, so here are my impression of the odds:

My personal highlights:

2017 Mac Forbes RS19 Strathbogie Ranges Riesling

Sarah told us that the number in the name stands for the residual sugar in the wine. Well, this one blew my socks off! Only the night before I drank his Blind Spot Riesling, and really enjoyed it- so it was nice to try a more complex example. As Simon said, it was the best lime cordial you could drink; the nose was so good, I could just sniff it all day: very pronounced kerosene, lemon and lime followed by lime/citrus flavour exploding in the mouth. Long finish, which – for all the residual sugar- felt fresh and moreish. I now understand what they mean when they say a wine has ‘great precision’. Readers, this one I did swallow!

2016 The Society’s Exhibition Single Vineyard, Central Otago Pinot Noir

Wow! I loved this one… it was my first try of it, and I didn’t know what to expect – but it was just what I like in a Pinot. Lovely deep ruby colour, and on the nose- black cherry, bramble and spice (clove? cinnamon?). On the palate it was fresh and juicy, but also quite brooding and earthy, with lovely bramble and cherries finishing on a cedar and spice note. I will invest in a few of these, for sure! Would be good to see how it changes when it ages a little, too.

2017 Three Choirs Silver Jubilee Gloucestershire

Might not be everyone’s cup of tea- but I will definitely be buying this one this summer! Freddy was charming to talk to - and he told us this was a new blend he helped creating, from some fairly obscure German varieties. It’s so English, in the loveliest possible way: Fresh, light, with wonderful tropical fruit on nose and palate- an absolute quaffer, and perfect for summer picnics.

2017 Bründlmayer Alte Reben Kamptal Grüner Veltliner (Available 18th June)

A beautiful example of a slightly weightier Grüner Veltliner. Lovely colour, with a strong malo smell of sour cream. It had a luscious creamy mouthfeel, with notes of lemon and spice and a very fresh and zingy finish. Fabulous!

2013 Birgit Braunstein Leithaberg Blaufränkisch (Available 18th June)

I thought this was a good example of a slightly older Blaufränkisch. It had a pleasing smell of mushrooms and soil; on the palate it was juicy, with notes of bramble, perhaps even damsons- and a touch of spice on the finish. I imagine it would be even lovelier with food!

2017 Tuercebotas Tempranillo Blanco, Rioja (Available 13th July)

Quite a revelation, this one! A white Rioja, that isn’t made of Viura and isn’t aged in oak. It’s made of Tempranillo Blanco, which apparently is a mutation of the red Tempranillo, and is an ancient grape brought back from the dead, à la Lazarus. Floral on the nose, with honeyed and crisp citrus notes on the palate. Quite a long finish, and again- I would imagine a very good food wine!

2015 Half-bottle of Astobiza Late Harvest Txacoli, Alava (Available tba)

Sounds a bit bonkers- Txacoli seems the antithesis of sweetness, but this one is made from a grape called Izkiriota, which is actually Gros Manseng. For me, this beats Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh hands down. Strong marmalade on the nose (Simon accurately described it as Seville Marmalade), and orange and honey flavour on the palate, with a nice fresh finish. It will definitely go in the basket when it comes for sale!

Velo Flor Manzanilla, Bodegas Alonso (Available 25th June)

OMG! What a stunning Sherry! I couldn’t bring myself to spit it out. It was beautiful; all the hallmarks of a good Manzanilla- intense on the nose with that nutty and sour apples notes, and equally intense on the palate, with a saline finish that was utterly moreish. Another one for the basket, methinks; it isn’t cheap, at £24, but to my mind it’s worth it.

2017 Zuccardi Poligonos San Pablo Cabernet Franc (Available 6th August)

I love Cabernet Franc, and this one was simply delicious. Very pronounced pencil shavings on the nose, and some green notes (tomato leaf, perhaps?). It had a lovely red fruit flavour, and a good balance of tannins and acidity. The journalist tasting near us loved it but noted that it was probably still young- and I tend to agree. Not unlike a Loire Cab Franc, though maybe not everyone would want to fork out £17 for it.

2013 Susana Balbo La Delfina Paraje Altamira Malbec (Available 6th August)

My husband claims that I always gravitate towards the most expensive thing on the menu when we eat out. Maybe he’s right. This one is £36, but boy! I gravitated towards it like a moth to a flame (you can come up with your own cliché). This wine was SO powerful and yet delicate at the same time. Is that possible? The fruit was understated on both nose and palate - I got some blueberry and possibly some damsons- and there was a lovely slate-like minerality to it too. A truly harmonious wine! Sorry husband, but this is going in the basket in August…

2017 Gewϋrztraminer Joseph, Hofstätter (Available 6th August)

Predictable, I know- but this Gewϋrz was great. It’s from Alto Adige, and had all the elements I like about a good Gewϋrz: floral, with rose petals and honeysuckle scent. On the palate it had just the right balance of ripe fruit with a nice spicy finish. Yum!

2017 Adega de Pegões Colheita Seleccionada,Península de Setúbal

Simon and I loved this one so much! It is hard to believe it is only £7.25….! What a beauty. Lovely honeyed notes on the nose, and on the palate- a creamy mouthfeel, stone fruit and honey and a wonderful acidic finish. Another one the spittoon did not get to meet. The perfect summer white, in my opinion.

2013 Côtes du Jura Savagnin, Domaine Chevassu-Fassenet (Available 13th July)

OK, I admit it’s not for the faint hearted, and will probably always be an esoteric sort of wine. But it left me quite speechless. Marcel explained that where Vin Jeune is aged for 6 years, this one spent ‘just’ 3 years in barrel. I found the complex flavours of it breath-taking. I put down ‘Manzanilla’ in my notes, because it had that sour apple, nuts and spice and a bracing acidity, not unlike a good Manzanilla. It was like being punched in the stomach. In a good way.

2015 Arbin Vin de Savoie Mondeuse ‘La Belle Romaine’ Château de Mérande

‘Wild’ was the adjective that came to mind. This is quite out there. It had the smell of dark fruit, with a twist of some earthy forest floor notes. I felt like Red Riding Hood walking in the woods, tasting this wine. Really unusual, and I imagine will be lovely with a game stew. Glad I got one waiting, like the big bad wolf, on the rack.

… and other delightful ones:

2016 Hunter’s Marlborough Chardonnay

Lovely NZ Chardonnay, if you - like me- quite like a reduction smell/taste. Also had some nice lemony notes which I found really pleasing.

2017 Hasandede Winehouse Vinkara (Available 13th July)

Hasandede is a new grape for me- and it proved a lovely white wine all round. Nice nose of peach and nectarine and fresh palate that had a pleasing salinity and some spice. Different!

2017 Regina Viarum Mencía, Ribeira Sacra (Available 13th July)

I love Mencía, and this one was great. Bramble and cherry on the nose, which were also present on the palate. Crunchy tannins and lively acidity. Well balanced and not a bad price, either!

2014 Bodegas Murua Aclys Crianza, Rioja

I’m not a huge Rioja fan, but this was lovely. It had red fruit on the nose, and ripe cherry and raspberry on the palate. The oak wasn’t overwhelming, and the tannins were silky smooth. It didn’t feel like a 14% wine, either.

2016 Château de la Grave ‘Grains Fins’, Côtes de Bourg (Available 13th July)

Very pleasing white Bordeaux! Floral on the nose, and a nice mouthfeel (a bit creamy, but not overwhelming). A touch of spice on the finish too, and well-balanced acidity which I very much liked.

2017 Domaine du Florencin Beaujolais Cuvée Pierres Dorées (Available 18th June)

I think Simon was quite underwhelmed by this one, but I thought it was a really nice example of a Beaujolais. Nothing sophisticated or complex, by any means, but it had a very pleasing nose of cherry and red fruit, which continued on the palate, and ended with a very lively acidity. Picnic wine if there ever was one!

2014 Château Thieuley Rouge, Bordeaux

A nice everyday Bordeaux. Not the sort of wine I drink regularly, but I liked it very much – mostly for the fact that it had a nice touch of savouriness, not unlike Italian reds. Food wine, I would say.

2016 Undurraga Cauquenes Estate Carignan

Yummy wine! Very ripe fruit, with fresh notes of black cherry and blackberry. Fresh and quaffable, and only £8.95! A no brainer.

2013 Castello di Potentino Balaxus Alicante (Available 6th August)

An Italian take on Grenache. This one was earthy and savoury, with a nice herby finish. Another excellent food wine, methinks.

2017 The Liberator ‘Bunny Chow’, Stellenbosch

A lovely example of SA Viognier, at an amazing price! Floral and fragrant, with orange/mandarin and peach on the palate. Not too heavy or heady- just fresh and delicious.

2015 Quinta do Vesuvio Pombal do Vesuvio, Douro (Available 18th June)

Lovely smell of violets, with a savoury and herbaceous palate combined with red fruit. Good structure and quite smooth tannins.

Didn’t quite move me (but may well move you!)…

NV Marc Hébrart Premier Cru Cuvée de Réserve Brut
2015 Bedrock Old Vine Zinfandel
2017 Young and Crazy Broadleaf Melnik, Villa Melnik (Available 13th July)
2016 The Society’s Claret
2017 Undurraga Finca Las Lomas Leyda Sauvignon Blanc
2017 La Primera Revancha Mendoza Chenin Blanc (Available 6th August)
2016 Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenère
2017 ‘Dirt Track’ Cinsault by Duncan Savage, Swartland
2016 Ventoux Rouge Terrasses, Château Pesquié (Available 13th July)

Phew… Hope I did justice to the wines!


Thanks for the great notes @Inbar
I’m afraid I may have to try the Malbec and the Gerwurz :+1:

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More goodness, enjoyed reading this, too. Further expanded the wish list (in my head till some of these come online)…

I will keep my eyes peeled on 18 June… this has TWS Fine Wine List written all over it… I do not want to be posting in the One That Got Away topic…

I hope it is not in 750 ml bottles…


Fab write up!

The Txacoli, Savagnin and Arbin need to go on my wishlist.

I love that Ch de la Grave white, really glad TWS stock it.

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Aargh @Inbar my wish list is groaning under the weight of new temptations! Thanks for the lovely detailed reviews :+1:


Thanks to both of you for these detailed write ups - very exciting.
I actually purchased a bottle of the Aclys Rioja a couple of Saturdays ago so now really looking forward to opening it.
Also very interested in the Bogle Vineyards California Merlot and the Chateau Thieuley Rouge - I will be looking for these on my next visit to TWS.


I just realised we not only missed the Corsican Rose, but also the Godello… What a shame!
Still, can’t complain :wink:

Fabulous reviews, thank you, a great read! Your tasting skills, eloquence, passion, enthusiasm and your love of wine shine through.