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The Society's South African Chenin Blanc 2017



Wow! I’d heard rumours circulating about this wine, but I hadn’t tried it myself so daren’t hope

This wine is really delicious, and amazing value for money. It doesn’t really show its colours on the nose, but the palate is wonderfully rich and creamy for a wine at this level. It claims to have some ‘old bush vine’ grapes in the mix to add this depth, and I can believe it. It is a bit like discovering that the busker in the local station happens to be a professional opera singer - a welcome, and surprising, extra quality.

Give it a go - especially if you are looking for a house wine :wink: #hint!


Awesome if Chenin opera is your thing…

Seriously though, this is intriguing… will pop it on my wish list just in case


Maybe I should have said violinists

How about this (with Joshua Bell playing on the Washington Metro):

Story here:


I think this wine is part of the current South African offer which I believe ends this weekend, there is currently a saving on it at the moment but don’t know for how much longer.


I tried it now and can recommend, quite satisfying… even a pound more expensive