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The Society's Fine Wine list Autumn 2018


On the Euphonium - I see that the 2004 sells for about twice the price of any other vintage - did they have a roaring success in that year? £30-35 (as per the society’s listing) seems a fair market price with a small extra margin for a bit of age. Not that I usually buy Cabernet/Shiraz blends.

There is a definite halo effect on other Henschke wine prices from their iconic Hill of Grace, I think.


You can buy the 2001 for £35, and I have. About the same price as the 2013 yet totally mature. Wouldn’t have been alerted to this being in my local merchants if I hadn’t had TWS offer, so thanks.

Ian, I don’t think you can dismiss hensckhe as a cab/ Shiraz blend. Keyneston ages very well even though it’s a entry level red. I agree that the prices are over the top, but so are so many now. Its the edelstone which seems now out of reach.


Well, it is mostly Cab/Shiraz isn’t it? Or have they changed it?

I have nothing against it at all - it’s just a wine blend I don’t really buy. I’m sure it probably does age fine - Henschke seem to be back on top of their game despite a slight dip back in the late '90s. I don’t buy the analogous blends from Provence or indeed Hardy’s Bin 389 which sells around the same sort of price. Merely a personal taste thing.

Though I’m not sure that a wine selling at £32 really counts as entry level! - their riesling and semillon are always worth exploring, though I don’t much care for the Croft chardonnay.


You’re right it is a Shiraz/ cab sac blend with a bit of merlot and can franc. The Malbec has disappeared some time ago.

I just trying to contrast it to the typical supermarket blend of yesteryear, which it isn’t.

It is also way over priced to be entry level but such is henschke these days.

Back in the day I enjoyed some well aged Riesling which l&w found in their basement when they sold out to majestic. Even the Tilly’s blend at 10 years was good.