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The Society's Fine Wine list Autumn 2018


The newest installment of the fine wine list is now available online. Some gems to be had…


Just to note there is also an offer of a new line up of Exhibition wines available from today. That includes among others the tempting TWS Exhibition Pauillac 2010 and the 2014 Exhibition Hermitage mentioned by @Taffy-on-Tour previously here.


:heart_eyes: Get. In. My. Reserves.


Great minds drink alike. (I may have only plundered a bottle or 2, though. Confounded non-wine expenses! :triumph:)


I also raided the same section for a few bottles of PN.


I like the look of the Kumeu River Single Vineyard Mixed case

Edit: So much so that I’ve sent one to the reserves


Captivating Chianti - Barolo?
Should this be Brolio?


It certainly should be! :flushed: will get it fixed in the morning, thanks for the spot!


Some interesting wines in the Artists of Austria! :+1: and no Klimt in sight :wink:


That mixed case does look very tempting.

Any idea how the Sandhi Sanford and Benedict Chardonnay compares to the Chanin Sanford & Benedict Chardonnay?

I have a case of the Chanin at home and I have not yet opened a bottle. Would be interesting to know how they compare if anyone has a clue!


Thanks for that, hadn’t noticed. Aside from the higher end, am intrigued by the Vacqueyras. Good producer in a top vintage, potentially a very good value casual drinker there.


You lot are a bad influence, I had the California mixed case and the Kumeu River mixed case in my basket - almost bought them too until I remembered I’m going to Puglia in 2 weeks. Close call, almost spent the wine budget before the holiday!


We really enjoyed a previous vintage of this, great value


That mixed case sold out super fast!


Sadly I’ve not tried the Chanin S&B Chardonnay. I’ve only tried their Los Alamos pinot noir which is sensational.

I’m going to a California Wine Institute tasting in a couple of weeks and if it’s there i’ll have a taste and report back! Better get your Sandhi now, though :wink:


Certainly has! Thankfully we’ve still got stock of each wine so we’re putting together more cases as we speak so keep an eye out if you’re still interested.


My plan is to go to Henschke’s when I’m back home in a few weeks. Will report back. Hopefully get some mates rates discount while I’m there.


I bought 4 bottles of a good Chianti from a terrific vintage, seemed like an absolute bargain!!:smile:


When we were there the tasting room was packed like a London Underground train, and they were very mean with the good stuff, had to shout a lot and say we had come along way and were very disappointed, that did the trick but then everyone else was p… off !


You must have had bad luck. It was a few years ago, but we had an excellent tasting there, not too many people, and at the end they offered some Hill of Grace. Others who have tasted there have also been happy about it.