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The Society's Fine Wine List Apr - May 2018 is available online


Just noticed that the new fine wine list is now available online…

Quite a few saliva inducing items there. Lot of Burgundy and top drawer Rhone. Not that I needed this from a financial perspective.


Bank says I’m gonna be strong and sit this one out.

I will I will I will…


That would be sensible…

Might just cancel my Burgundy 2016 order (if I get allocated anything) and spend a little on this instead…


Think I’ll wait and see how the 2016 Burgundy pans out and then look at my wallet. That new list all looks so good that if a few sell out, there’ll still be some lovely bottles to choose from.

I have to keep reminding myself that something else good always comes along…


But what if it doesn’t?!


Don’t say that!! :grimacing:


Have to say it is a very impressive list…


This is irresistible:

I’ve been waiting for a mixed case of Billaud to come along that would give me access to his range without committing to a full six bottles…


Had a similar feeling about the Fichet case.


This forum is why I’ve no money EVER :scream::weary::sob:!!


I tried the Vajra Nebbiolo at a tasting a month or two ago and thought it was great, so will definitely take a few bottles. Just when en primeur was almost over, and there was some prospect of having money again …


I think our post-Easter resolution (if there is such a thing) should be working on our will power…!
Easier said than done, considering what’s on offer, I suppose…:open_mouth::open_mouth:


Perhaps some wine will cheer you up? :smiley:


I’ve succumbed. The Domaine de Bellene did it for me. I recently tasted a 2014 from them, and it was better than a premier cru tasted alongside.


Don’t forget there are also other small stocks of fine wines found here:


that’s just naughty…


This Langhe Riesling looks particularly tempting… something to explore

As well as this Rully, I have praised the 2014 vintage enough elsewhere… also £3.50 cheaper than the 2015.


I love Italian Rieslings…often under priced in my experience, as this one looks to be. But I am looking for some 2014’s that I can put down for a few years…of which there are plenty in the £40 range…damn my skinny wallet


But when do we get the fine wine list in the post? I’ve got a train journey coming up and would really enjoy flicking through it as I travel.

Mind you, that Poderi Colla Riesling is already in my basket for my next order.


They’re in the post! :heart_eyes: