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The Society’s Sunday League 2020/21 (via Fantasy Premier League)

With less than four weeks to go until the new season kicks off, if you’re into the Fantasy Premier League and want to be in with a shout of winning a magnum of The Society’s Champagne (like @darren.wright did last season) then it’s time to join The Society’s Sunday League.
If you’ve been in it before, then your team should be automatically reentered, but if not, or in case of any problems, you can join using this link.
Here we go, here we go, here we go.


Last year was my rookie season in fantasy football. Think I made ALL the mistakes so whilst I’d love a magnum, a top half finish will be gratifying enough.
See you in the dug out.


Has anyone set this up at all?

I’m willing to give it a Margaux

Click on the link two posts up. :back::back::slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers for this Ewan. I haven’t played for several years but managed to scramble a team together just before the deadline. Good luck all!

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I’ve already ballsed up.
Too late confirming my team so 0 points for week one. Rank amateur. Time for a drink.

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I’ve joined up :+1:

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And so it begins, what will no doubt be the first of many Sunday morning regrets of having not picked x only for them to go on and score a hat trick

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After a series of truly shocking decisions I’m actively considering sacking myself and bringing Big Sam in to stave off relegation. Surely I’m not the only one?

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It will be fine. No need for Big Sam just yet. Although Fulham might have him on speed dial :joy:

Just noticed tomorrow’s new game week! Only 6 matches, think I have 6 available players. Forced to play the free hit. Any suggestions on selection?
Full disclosure - I’m in sixty-something place so won’t be troubling the Champagne seekers.

I thought exactly the same but the next deadline is a week tomorrow, there’s a few cup games between now and then. Not that I’d be in a place to be offering tips anyway, I’ve barely bothered page 1 of the league so far, though had my first decent week in 3 months this week

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ahhh you are correct. I will now forget about it until 11.29 on Tuesday the 12th.

If your free hitting I would strongly recommend kane and son. You probs want kdb and or sterling from City. I’d double down on city DEFs as well depending on your city mids - Cancelo and dias. Sheffield United have been :poop: this season so a Newcastle DEF (1 at least). Man United playing V Burnley so I would also go Fernandes , maybe Rash. United DEFs also an option. Neto V Everton also a potential. Sadly TWS league is probs gone for me too (top 20 team) but its my work league I want to win. Celtic can stick their 9 in a row cos this puppy is going for 5 in a row :rofl: . PS TWS league is surprisingly strong for a community that doesn’t post much football chat. I say this because my friend and I are in constant chat about fantasy and real life football

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Thanks for the tips. Will see we doesn’t play for city in the cup game. Been burned by Pep selections before.

Yes, what I thought were a few cheap but reliable Sheffield United picks at the start of the season got me off on the wrong foot. I missed a couple of early Friday deadlines as well which really didn’t help and had one of those horrific runs early on where everyone I dropped to the bench went on to pick up plenty of points, whilst those I subbed in inevitably shipped goals/got booked or sent off (Lewis Dunk, I’m looking at you). It’s my rookie season though, so will settle for a decent second half of the season to lay the foundations for a title challenge in the 2021-22 season :wink:


Oh Pep roulette has burnt many a manager. The only “certs” and that’s a Pep cert btw are ederson kdb and dias. Although ederson is isolating so not atm. . I will be having a man utd GK. 2 x Newcastle DEFs, 1 x Man Utd DEF, 2 x City DEFs
Fernandes, sterling, son
Wilson and kane

I should say that this team is related to my fantasy situation - I am not using a free hit. If I was free hitting I would max out the attacking returns and play a 3 4 3 or 3 5 2 with arsenal atracking mids, Zaha, dcl from Everton etc

Many congratulations to @johnmc who won this season’s Fantasy Premier League.
A magnum of The Society’s Champagne is on its way to you!
Thanks for playing, everyone - bring on 2021/22!

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Brilliant, thanks Ewan. Looking forward to celebrating with the Champagne, very good of the Society to offer a generous prize!