The Society’s Hungarian White

Just saw this wine on Twitter, quite exciting and super affordable. I almost feel obliged to try.

Not sure who the producer is yet, but my bet is that it is not from the prime dry white regions of Eger, Tokaj of Somlo . Badacsony maybe?


Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve ordered two.

As well as a case of another new listing, The Society’s English Lager !

I’ve been to Eger (come fo the salt mountain, leave as soon as possible), i had such an awful time it makes me not want to try this, but i hear good things about Hungarian wine these days. I think I’ve had a good red recently.

Today’s sweltering weather has provided an opportunity / excuse to give this a try. The wine is produced by Ostoros Bor ( some, like me, may have enjoyed their well priced Pinot Noir ) and comes from the region of Egri Csillag ( Star of Egri ).

As you can see, the colour is extremely pale. TWS note describes the wine as perfumed, I’d go along with that. It’s slightly restrained nose with floral, grapey notes reminded me of dry Muscat. On tasting, it’s fresh, uncomplicated and very easy to drink. Light in body with light fruity flavours, once again reminiscent of Muscat, and with a refreshingly fruity finish, this was just what I needed today.


Please post @Embee on that lager once you have had a sip.


Knowing next to nothing about beer, the description of it on the website gives a better idea of its style and virtues than I ever could. It’s label also mentions that it’s made in accordance with Reinheitsgebot 1516 and that it’s cold matured for a minimum of 4 weeks before being bottled unfiltered and unpasteurised.

It’s refreshing, slightly bitter and has a fuller flavour ( you can taste the hops ) than your average lager. Its lowish ABV ( 3.8% ) is a plus point too. I enjoyed it every bit as much as Braybrooke’s own label Keller Pilsner ( 4.8% ) that TWS once sold but is now unfortunately out of stock.

I’m waffling, it can be summed up in one word really, delicious !


Sorry I meant to directly reply so you would be aware that I had !

Please see the post above.

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