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The Society Red Burgundy 2017 - a marmite wine


Hi all,

The Society’s Red Burgundy has always been quite a marmite wine eg you either love it or you hate it. The current 2017 vintage is less than £10 which for a red Burgundy is an amazing achievement - just checking the site at the moment and the next red Burgundy for sale is at £23. I know that ‘Cheap Red Burgundy’ is usually an oxymoron but I noticed a bottle in the Showroom Enomatic machine and thought I would give this vintage a try:


I would say that the product notes are spot on, its still quite an austere wine but it does have a ripe black fruit flavour with tones of red cherry. I have tried different vintages over the years and this vintage does seem to be much riper than previous.

Anyone else tried this vintage? As also noted on the product note, for red Burgundy you start at a higher price and work down - I unfortunately like the house styles of Domaine Maume which is usually at around £40 a bottle and Domaine Pataille which is more affordable but usually sells out quickly.

There are of course other Pinot noir alternatives - some strong competition for some of the German Spatburgunder and some good value south of France options as well but that’s for another thread!


I tried a bottle of this back in November, here’s the link to the post and tasting note.

Taken within its price point and category, I rather liked it - but I can see why it comes with several caveats.


Indeed, I actually liked the 2017 which is why I thought I would flag it up for those who had tried previous vintages, its very very hard to find a good red Burgundy under £10 - its why I don’t want to get into red Burgundy!


I haven’t tried the 2017 yet. But these comments remind me - didn’t the Society offer a second, slightly riper variant of this wine from the same address a couple of years ago? I remember trying that one and rather liked it, with all the same caveats. This vintage sounds a bit like that variant. Definitely a “food wine” for my taste, though I rarely drink wine apart from food.

On the huge gap between this wine and other red Burgs. starting around the £22 mark, I’ve frequently thought there is a gap in the Society’s offering here. I know that occasionally things do pop up here, but they don’t seem to hang around for long - an observation that itself suggests I’m not a million miles off the mark. I’ve seen other merchants offer things here, a Rully for example.


I think that’s in part due to the fact that our buyers will only buy a wine if they believe it is a good wine (rather than just buying to a price point). As mentioned by Toby in the Burgundy guide, there are very few wines good wines under £15 for a red Burgundy owing to PN yields and cost of land etc. Sometimes we are lucky and Toby finds a great wine at the lower end and as you mention, it usually sells out quickly.


Understood, @M1tch - and I guess that volume availability has to be borne in mind too. Nevertheless, I do still believe there are wines to be had in the £15-20 gap. £10-15 is a tough, almost impossible call I agree.


I guess its a case that if want to drink a red Burgundy, pay extra and get a decent red Burgundy, if you want to drink Pinot Noir then there are many non Burgundian options out there at sub £15 that are also delicious.


That would be my reply too! (Actually, I have a favourite English PN that drops neatly into this slot). Of course, red Burgundy is not just a PN.

I had a really lovely Cotes d’Auxerre red last year which was on a French restaurant pricelist at just over €20, so should fall into this price range. That would make people sit up and think!


Not Goisot, by any chance?




Groffier passe-tout-grain would be great !


No, neither, but those are both excellent suggestions in their own right. Goisot’s top St. Bris last almost for ever - their pinots have been on limited allocation for several years due to frost damage I think. Idiotically I didn’t take a note at the time and have forgotten, though if the name comes back I’ll post it.