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The Rhône Rangers


Of if you can’t quite stretch to a full on Hermitage:


Just for info, I managed to find a copy of John Livingston- Learmonth’s book entitled “The Wines of Northern Rhone” on eBay. Published in 2005 it gives the history of the area and the way the various houses have become what they are today. Also available is Robert Parker’ book on The Wines of the Rhone Valley. This one I saw at less than £3 including postage, which is some bargain.
Also available is “The Wines of Bordeaux” by a great Chairman of our Wine Society - Edmund Penning-Rowsell. The hardback under £4, the paperback just over £2, that incudes postage.
All on eBay, just checked!
And how much does the Sunday Times or a cup of Costa Coffee cost these days??


Was just offered 2016 Beaucastel Homage a Jacues Perrin for £825 per three. By another merchant… in bond that is.


How many are you getting? 2 dozen? :wink:


That’s insane given the Marcoux VV has been released at £100/bottle. Not that I’ll be buying that either…


Does anyone buy that to drink it? Several years ago, I spotted a bottle on a certain well-known wine merchant’s shelf - not 2016 but a decent year (I forget which). It sat there for over a year, and ultimately got reduced by around 40%, yet still sat there, at what was now a price around half the lowest reported on wine-searcher. It ultimately did disappear, but it took them around six or seven months at the reduced price to achieve that.

As a more general thing, I do wonder about some of these super-cuvées. I have heard dark mutterings from within the trade that their principal function is (or was) to garner stratospheric points from the critics, thereby giving useful publicity to the producer.


And although I haven’t had Homage, the special cuvee are often just too much of everything and the normal cuvee are more pleasant. Each to its own for sure, but not always been impressed.


I don’t have a clue who drinks them. I might I suppose run to the Marcoux VV in a very good year if I had the resources to burn £100+ on bottles of wine, because that domaine really is all about the special cuvee (I have some of their non VV from a year they didn’t make it, not tried yet). But there are a ton of special cuvees out there from mid market producers costing serious money - L&W I notice have a lot of Giraud special cuvees at £50 - 70/bottle IB, yet the tradition is £20 - 22 even for good years. Given they sell Giraud EP/retail, the special cuvee stuff has clearly been bought en primeur to sell on, and has languished in Vinotheque ever since. There are a lot of other wines I would buy first at those prices.


Just to give you a chuckle.
I bought 6 X 12 bottle cases of Beaucastel 1989 Rouge for about £100 per case.
On the back of that purchase, the wine merchant rang me up and offered me a case of this new cuvee of Beaucastel Hommage at £24 per bottle. I knew that it was rated 100/100 by Parker but the standard Beaucastel got 97/100; so I laughed and said who is going to pay £16 per bottle for a paltry 3 points??That ill judged decision cost me a lot of money. Note that I similarly rejected the first vintage of Pingus, exclaiming that no one had ever heard of it Lines one wished in hindsight that I had never uttered.
The 89 Beaucastel was utterly gorgeous but when I did taste the Hommage '89 “I got the fuss!!”
The balance, complexity and richness of it left even this verbose “Taffy” almost speechless!!
We all make mistakes!!


Oh man you must have been gutted!


You have no idea!! :smile::wink::unamused: lol!!


Me neither, but I imagine the Chinese market will be knocking on the Rhones door in the near future as the Bordelaise continue to inflate their worth.


I once dated an Aberdonian :woman_facepalming:! (Edit , I’m sure there are lovely ones too)



In other senses, I have so many comebacks on that line, but unusually I will zip it up!!

Dooorrrrrrrhhhhhhh! lol


That is all too true. It wasn’t great seeing some of the better known domaines like St Cosme jack their prices up by a third in a single year in 2016 EP.



Sadly the £/Euro exchange rate must take part of the blame.


The Wine Society is having the same problem shifting one of the La-Las, I’ve noticed.


I’ve noticed that’s been around a while. I’m going to start saving a pound a week and see if it’s still there when I reach my target :wink:


The La Las do have the reputation of being sensational in old age, but it’s a long time to wait.


I noticed that the Rhone Rangers are still largely in stock, the odd exception already discussed. I had thought they would mostly to snapped up by now.