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The Rhône Rangers


Probably worth adding that production of this wine is around 2.5 - 3 million bottles in each vintage and therefore is not likely to run out. At the same time 2014 is a very highly rated vintage, which may be worth stocking up on for the next 5 years. I will probably order a bottle and then decide.


I noticed that my local Waitrose has this on a special offer of £7.99 per bottle - but I think it was the 2013 rather than 2014


Before the 2016 Rhone EP offer is released, on the back of a very complimentary review in this months Decanter panel tasting I’ve picked up 6 bottles of Cornas Chante Perdrix, Delas 2015 from remaining TWS EP stocks. Sounds as though Cornas was one of the standout appellations in 2015.


The Guigal CdR is a great everyday drinker - I’ve got through quite a lot of the 2013 in the last year - some of it from TWS - some of it from a wholesaler at a frankly ridiculous price :slight_smile:


So now the very detailed comprehensive EP offer is out, what are the thoughts, highlights, worth an experiment and perhaps good value in this crackerjack vintage?


There is a separate thread, you may need to sign up to the en-primeur group in Groups for it to be visible to you.

Rhone EP 2016 topic


The wines to be tasted at the upcoming Rhone Walkaround tasting have been published on the TWS website.

If I were you I would keep my eyes peeled around 26 February for the wines are likely to appear on the website in minuscule quantities to then sell out in days… Will have a good read of the list and then we will see.


actually most are on offer, sadly not the fizz, hope it will be @Ewan


Anyone else going to the tasting?
Will be good to put faces to names.

I hope I get first dibs on Wine on the night as far as buying is concerned


I will be there.


Tickets for the London event have sold out but still plenty available for Liverpool.

We always have a few late cancellations so if you have missed out it is worth putting your name on the waitlist and crossing your fingers.

We have also just released details of a Dinner in Q3 with Marcel at Chez Bruce where he will be taking guests on an exploration of the Rhône. Not cheap but should be a cracking night.


Thanks for the heads up.


Not sure if anyone has noticed, but there is a Rhone 2016 NON en primeur offer on TWS.


I noticed some more 2015 N Rhone had been released including

How does this get decided? This isn’t approachable for at least three years. Presume there is no ‘affordable’ 2012 - 2014 cornas waiting in the wings but also - no one has tasted this wine, it seems, in any of the wine press. A bit odd.


I just got some 2012 of the same through via last summer’s VCP allocation for £26/bt. It’s gone into the depths of the cellar


In my experience, Cornas “can” take over a decade to turn the corner into pleasurable drinkability. But that just might apply to my palate.
In the last decade there has been a push to make Cornas accessible, at an earlier date.
Some 2015 Cornas are made for earlier consumption, it depends on your palate.




Not spotted this one until Jcbl brought it to attention.
Missed it first time around, that error has been remedied.
No Bordeaux 2017 EP but this one makes up for that.
Well done Wine Society, I did not intend spending but too good to miss!!
Oh Joy.
Made my weekend.


I got some 2010 petite chapelle in VCP a few years ago. I’ve not tasted it yet but it is early/mid drinking window already.


Also a good range of Seuyssel 2015 available. Might be a budget Cote Rotie…

and not practically, but


Exhibition Hermitage 2014
So happy, I could skip!!

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