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The Rhône Rangers


Eagle eyes @szaki1974! I will check them out. What was it that attracted you to the Cote Rotie Duplessy, if you don’t mind me asking?


I just did a little reading of DrinkRhone, CellarTracker and Wine-Searcher… To be honest I have not had this cuvee before, but also put one bottle in the basket to make sure it is okay. A combination of age and further potential made me chose this, to be honest the 2011 is equally attractive.


If anyone is looking forward to TWS 2016 Rhone En Primeur (which I assume they’ll do, everyone else is now), Decanter has an article on the ‘top scoring’ wines. It’s a premium only article but it shows all the wines and says they all got scored over 95pts. Just adds to the great things we’ve been hearing about Rhone 2016 (especially in the South).


I hope it is one of those years that produces quality at every price point like 2010. the ability of Chave to produce a 95+ plus hermitage isn’t in question; what’s remarkable is when £10 - 15 per bottle CdRV and lesser known AOC wines start getting 90 - 93s. Scores aren’t everything but I think that’s when Rhone is in its element - Bordeaux and Burgundy never produce that consistency at those price points, in any vintage


Completely agree - both on points and especially on the consistency of the Rhone Valley


I see most of the wine from the Rhone tasting in London is now out of stock. I wonder if it was put up by mistake and taken down, or genuinely sold out. I was going to buy it, had it in my basket, then, pouf, it was gone.


I did manage to buy a case of what I mentioned above that is also gone now. They must have been limited parcels. We probably would not have noticed them without the heads up from @robert_mcintosh


Not sure if this qualifies me as a Rhone Ranger, but i finally purchased this yesterday…

Would it be sacrilege to drink it now or do you think it needs a bit longer in bottle? Has anyone opened it yet?


I tried a bottle before committing to a case. It has a long life ahead, but drinks beautifully now. Make sure to decant 1-2 hours, if you decide to open.


I think it does once you have drunk it and reflected on it :wink:


Haha marvellous…thanks, i think i may have found my xmas day wine!


I also have a bottle of this which is being kept for Christmas ! But at this rate, I don’t know how on earth I’m going to get through all the wine I’ve been “keeping” for Christmas :christmas_tree: :woman_facepalming:t3:


I think students pour their bottles into a funnel down a long tube! :wink:


The very reason why I have very few “older” wines to now gloat about :rofl::rofl:!Hows the WSET2 going ?


Enjoy! Xmas day is Cote-Rotie day for me… I have a couple of lovely 2009 (bought from TWS) earmarked this year.

Can’t think of anything I’d like to drink more over Christmas - though your Hermitage looks very tempting as well…



Or this one…is a beauty


Looks great - I think Rotie drinks so well right to the end of its life… I’m a little worried about my credit card for the upcoming EP offer :money_mouth_face:


Haha :slight_smile: it’s been moved to the january start as it was on a Monday as apparently most people who do it are in the trade. I’ve read the book cover to cover. Kind of makes me think level 3 would have been more appropriate…but I’m sure the classroom discussion will add to it.


And all the samples :joy:


This was just made wine of the week on JancisRobinson.com - also seems to be a safe choice based on this thread.