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Cayron 2016 WAS on the website last week!

Sadly gone now!! :cry: :dragon:

Noooo! :scream:

Seems like I wasn’t the only one waiting. Oh well, life goes on.

One note of caution about sitting on these wines TOO long. High alcohol and structure/depth to age are not the same thing and if left untIl the fruit has really started to back off, they can end up just tasting volatile and hot. I sold some 01 Vieux Telegraphe - to
my taste it was over the hill two years ago. You can also have quite a bit of bottle variation - a modest example but I’ve had two bottles of 2012 Dom Soumade Rasteau in the last month. One was perfect, the other tasted slightly of fruit for about 15 minutes after opening and then just tasted of booze. I don’t think it was flawed as such, just some minute differences in bottling amplified over 7 years.

I will try 16 Cayron in 2023 and take it from there. There is a risk that 16s are a bit mute currently.


I am currently working through a case of the 2012 Moulin de la Guardette which I bought ep. Bottle number 3 in July this year was really singing - certainly more so than the previous bottle a year or so earlier. I suspect that 2016 is a weightier vintage than 2012, so I doubt it will be at its best for at least 3 or 4 years - I don’t plan to open my first one until 2024.


I appreciate this comment. I have six 09 Vieux Telegraphe which some on Cellartracker have suggested will not go much further. It’s cellared with BBR so I’ll need to get the bottles in one go, and I’ve been unsure how long to hang back. (It’s from Child #1’s birth year, so my preference is to wait as long as possible - but obviously not to its detriment.)


That is terrific information, :+1:!!
One that we cannot put a price on. :dragon: :champagne: :clap:

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I had a 1983 VT a year or so ago and that was on song. Not sure if they changed the recipe since then!


2001 had a reputation, I seem to recall, that in CNDP it was a very ripe vintage but that many lacked the balance to make old bones (lots of fruit, lots of alcohol but maybe not enough acidity). I had VT 2001 but drunk it on the fruit. I had my last bottle of 1998 VT in the last couple of weeks and it certainly hadn’t fallen apart.


I am still working on a case (12) of the 2010’s Soumade and these are still drinking very well, 2 bottles left. I also have a case of 2012s untouched so far, and will report back later about those.


VT in the late 1980’s or so, joined the misguided group who filtered their wines into oblivion.
I seem to remember Parker writing that their '89 or '90 was truly wonderful from barrel and had been eviscerated on the altar of the fine filter pad to produce a mere shadow of it’s former self from bottle. This was done to satisfy the American market who were then obsessed with seeing clean (no sediment) wines.
This heavy filtration fad, lasted no time at all, and domaines from there on in, came to employ light filtration or (best of all :+1:) no filtration at all. :clap: :dragon:


Meanwhile on Instagram


Doesn’t Marcel just look stressed :rofl: :rofl:



Wouldn’t you, with all that “La Chapelle” and “Maison Bleue” that you had to throat!! :wink::+1: :grinning: :dragon:


I know, I shouldn’t laugh.

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Can be obtained but it’s costly :sweat:

Just received an email detailing a few 2019’s on offer:

A mixed case of six, individual bottles also available.


Not normally tempted by this kind of mixed case offer but these do sound delicious!

I had the Jaboulet Ventoux last night. Not much to it, but it’s a lovely smashable grenache.


The vintage comments in the email (marked by a hot and dry summer… more extreme… exuberant and ripe - and yes, I’m selecting the bits that don’t mitigate ) are a bit off-putting for me.

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I maybe only drink wine 3 or 4 days per week, so I prefer to drink something more substantial than (IMHO) the non-offensive, innocuous but relatively acceptable Jaboulet Ventoux.
These days, just a half of either the Guigal CdR or the Society’s White Burgundy is fine by me. Weekends a bit better…and so it goes. :+1: :dragon: