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The Rhône Rangers


Thank you for that.
I might say though that compared to today, far less growers bottled their own wine then.
It was sold in bulk to negotciants, who then blended it according to the market that desired it.
My contention is that the £3.75 bottle comprised of wines that today are bottled under growers names, and the present day own label will consist of lesser wines. Having said that, the art of winemaking has improved considerably; so some balance may be found there.
It is a bit like Beaucastel prior to Homage, the selecting out of the best cuvees as so many CH9 properties do today, must have a degrading effect on their standard bottle. Mind you, the 1989/90 Beaucastels were so stunning at their apogee, I can only wonder quite how much better they might have been by the inclusion of the wine that went into their top cuvee. That is why I applaud Paul Avril at Clos des Papes for bucking the trend and making only bottle, but WHAT a bottle and, yes he does get well paid for it!! 80,000 bottles per year and unfined and unfiltered, he is one to follow, so long as you have the required deep pockets!! But he does give up on the megabucks reaped in by the properties who make an excusive blend. LoL


And some Rhone wines on the Christmas Fine Wine List… I fear I am going to have to pass.

and also this

I’ll do some research tomorrow…


I brought the Gonon mixed case today. I’ve not had the white before but his reds are fab. So hope it’s as good.


Saw it all earlier today, I’m going to pass.
I have filled my boots this year in a way that I have never done before, culminating in a 12 bottles case of the Exhibition Hermitage 2010into reserves but I had to have a couple of bottles delivered.
And you made it worse with that Cote Rotie note, so you must take some responsibility for my impending state of abject poverty!! LoL
This year the Society gave us so many Festive “Jewels of the Rhone” that I imagine that it will take me until next Christmas to make a proper dent in it!?! And how much fun that is going to be? I have promised myself that I will review the wines recently purchasedon the bottle page as often as I can.
So the latest offering, is for me; "A Bottle Too Far!"
But for a member just getting torn into a Christmas order today, there are still a bucketful of gems to be scooped up. The Festive Rhône cupboard is far from bare.
But now my thoughts are turning to next January and the Rhone EP offer, thank the Lord Bordeaux 2017 will not figure in my 2017 wine budget. I bought enough 2015/16 to sink a super tanker!! No, next year it will be January and a dribble from Burgundy; and that’s it.
That’s the plan, anyway. LoL


I also bought the Gonon but was a bit concerned by the drinking advice - ‘drink this year’, which must be the narrowest WS drinking window ever. Will it turn to vinegar on 01/01/18?


I don’t know which tasting case that you have purchased.
I have looked up tasting dates on The Wind Advocate and DrinkRhône and the only wine in either tasting case that has a shorter drinking date is the 2009. DR gave that one a 2019-21 estimate.
Use by dates, best before, etc dates for food make me laugh. I think that some people think that a bottle of milk is safe to use at 23.59 and poison at 00.01!?! A vet pal of mine put it best some years ago saying if it smells ok then it should be fine, if it “smells” then bin it. I have always used this test and it has never failed me.
In my experience with white wine, if the colour is off or the smell different or musty, then it is probably past it’s best… But some people will drink anything if it contains alcohol, so go figure!


Generally, the society’s drinking dates are to be considered, then ignored. Most descent northern Rhone white will last 10 years, as far as I can tell.


As stated above, the Gonon. The drink by date was given in the Christmas Fine Wine list.


There are two versions of the Gonon case: 2009,10,11 and 2010,11,12. The former is the one in the Christmas list… and hence the drink now comment as the 2009 is considered by TWS (but not DrinkRhone as noted by @Taffy-on-Tour) at the end of its best - for mixed cases they always use the narrowest common window.


I swear this wine has just recently been added to the Rhone 2010 line up, very very interesting… could not help but add a bottle.


I have a streaming cold which started on Monday which may explain my atypical reaction to the Chapoutier Lez Varroniers 2009 on the weekend.
One hour sleep last night, honest and if history recounts, my taste will be off for 2 weeks.
Currently I have absolutely no interest in the fermented grape.
Which is good for my wallet.:+1:
The only upside is that this bug did not visit me in a months time.


Luckily you’ll be okay in time for the run up to Christmas then! I think TWS indulged us with great Rhône wine in the last month. There is so much pleasure to be had at modest prices.


A great shoutout to Rhone wines in the Thanksgiving thread by @danchaq


That and #bojonovo :grin:


Very nice smooth drop. So rich in flavour, plenty of oak and fruit… Decadent is the word that comes to mind. Too bad it is sold out.


Had a bottle of this a couple of years ago, it is certainly not backward at coming forward…interesting label too…


The coverage of 2016 Rhones is starting on JancisRobinson.com if you are so inclined


I’ve a bottle of this on the way - looking forward to it even more now!


It seems you are in luck and do not need to spend more…

On another note, after yesterday’s Midi Icons - Tasting as reported by @robert_mcintosh an array of wonderful Rhone wines have just magically appeared on the website.

I will put aside a case of this:


This Christmas will include 2010 Domaine Grande Romane (bought from the caveau in 2012 not TWS - didn’t see it go on or would have had another case - wonderful wine) and 2012 Domaine Soumade Rasteau (my first EP purchase). I have a lot of 2015 - Cairanne, St Cosme Gigondas and St Jo, Cecillon Crozes - and plan a big 2016 ahead of the poor '17 harvest and brexit related troubles to follow.

The Wine Society EP and everyday stock is very good and always competitively priced. There is one major omission for me which is Ch Pesquie from the Ventoux - their 2015 Terrasses is epic, almost as good as the 2010 and a case from another merchant constitutes this years’ gifts for work colleagues as I just don’t think there’s another southern Rhone wine that good at £12/bottle.