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I get suckered into getting excited by this sort of hyping email, only to discover that there are no NEW wines listed. :open_mouth: :dragon:


Nothing like an email to focus your mind on stopping to dither and make that purchase!

I think you’re right @Taffy-on-Tour can’t see anything that hasn’t been there for a while.

I need to drink more rhone not buy it.
On that theme Dom Oratoire St Martin Douyes 2015 was singing last night. Lovely balance and so drinkable. All black brambly fruit, spice and earthy coal.


Presumably this is to clear out space for some new arrivals.

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It depends what you mean by new. I think a lot of this is stock that @Taffy-on-Tour highlighted as new on August 29, a mere 12 days (and 130 odd posts!) ago.



You are so correct!! :+1: :+1: :clap:
I monitor the Red Rhones solely very regularly’.
I remember what is there.
Since photo’s now cost nothing, one could snap the 80ish Rhones for sale on your PC for reference. As I write this, I acknowledge the impracticality of my suggestion.
Best to keep an eye on these pages, as when I see something new and exciting, then I will post immediately!! :grinning: :+1: :dragon:


A half of the Guigal CdR 2016 last night.
Hardly a smidge of Syrah to be detected, rather heavy with Garrique which mellowed in the decanter. This is Rhone Tombola, not had any faulty bottles and a range of outcomes available.
Stock available 10th September 2020
156 x 12 half bottle (0.375l) cases
105 x 12 bottle (0.75l) cases
Marcel has said the the 2017 Guigal CdR will be available in October.
This current stock may be the last, so please :pray: do not miss out.
A case or two in the garage under a few blankets is a ploy that I employ!! :rofl:


I only just picked up this sad news. After Auguste Clape in 2018, another Cornas legend passes away. I was lucky enough to visit his Domaine and taste his wines with Alberic Mazoyer a couple of years ago. Apart from his well known reds and whites, WS offered his sparkling Saint-Peray last year, which I can recommend.


Maybe a good excuse for a WS offer of a Winter selection of older vintages of Voge wines in a mixed case?

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It is sad.
Of late, a number of the “Old Guard” in the Rhone have died.
To the credit of many of them, their children have taken over; and with Winemaking qualifications and experience in other regions; there has been a step change in quality and earlier drinkability. They have also had to cope with Climate Change, something earlier generations were not exposed to.
R.I.P. with grateful thanks. :cry: :pray: :dragon:

This is 6* on JLL…


Tempting, but original TN was a cask sample and nothing since so bit of a gamble.


It is a brave man that questions J-LL, no producer would try an pull the wool over his eyes.
And besides that John has been tasting there since 1985 or even earlier.
I looked this wine upon Vinous, Josh Raynolds who is infamous for his parsimonious scores gave this wine 93/100 in 2012 with a price of $105 opening sale price. His description was fulsome!!
@szaki1974 is on the money here, reject it at your peril!! :rofl: :+1: :dragon:

I certainly wasn’t trying to suggest a ‘special’ barrel was chosen by the producer for JLL to taste.
As most of us will appreciate, the evolution of a wine is never an absolute given. I’ve listened to many wine growers in the Rhone describing how initial impressions did not quite work out the way they thought. Personally, in a hot vintage like 2009, I find it especially important to try and confirm how a wine has evolved to make sure it matches your expectations.


I’m rejecting at my wallet :crazy_face:

But I do have some of their ‘bog standard’ cote rotie from 2018 on the way sometime, so looking forward to 2030.


I do worry about cask sample notes - I rarely if ever disagree with him on a finished wine - and like to triangulate. In this case JR 18 but presumably a pre release sample as well as tasted November 2010. Cellartracker is a bit up and down. Be interested if anyone actually drank a bottle and had a view. I’ve just bought 09 Geynale which has a mediocre cask sample review from JLL but other sources much more positive.


Evening all, has anyone tried this? I have a bit of a thing for white Châteauneuf but there’s a lot of duds around.

I’ve also heard great things about the old vine Clairette wine that she makes but never been able to find any to buy.

I think you are right, thanks for the context, too. This is one of three cases in my basket where I will probably never pull the trigger. Saying that, none of the three seem to be flying out the door. The other two are not Rhône. I know it will be Produttori if I can make my mind up in time.

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I tried this CDP blanc a few years ago and liked its freshness, seemed to be on the elegant rather than fulsome side of the spectrum.

WS last year listed he CDP Mont Redon blanc which I thought was very impressive and tremendous value at £21 if I remember correctly. I’d imagine we’ll see this appear on the list when the 2018 vintage arrives.

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One factor that I have not mentioned that may be a factor within the Algorithm is if a Member has a history of “flipping” or selling highly prized wines to the secondary market.
When members clamour for say Burlotto, and then the wines are “moved on” by the fortunate member, is this fair to members who wish to drink them?
The argument no doubt will centre around the right to do with their bottles, as they like.
The bottles are their property, bought and paid for.
But being a Wine Society member does have an unspoken caveat
Why should the wine loving members lose out to those who wish to use the Societies most prized cuvees like a “cashpoint??”

And I have just discovered a rule that I was NOT AWARE of.
Rule 7.5 oops!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I have requested some of the very best red Rhones, and been disappointed every time.
So I reverted to the “remainder list,” did some research and believe it or not scooped up 100 point wine. And I will drink them!!

I don’t see a Rule 7.7 :confused: although I did enjoy reading this!