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I keep checking to see if Raspail-Ay 2016 is on TWS but no joy so far. Anyone seen it before, did I miss it? Looking back though this discussion the 2015 came up in October 2018 so it’s overdue if that’s anything to go by. It’s listed elsewhere but I’m keen to put a case or wo in reserves… I wonder if @owmarcel ever reads this thread?!


Cairanne Blanc Domaine de l’Oratoire Saint Martin 2017

Did anyone buy this from the 2017 EP offer? If so have you drunk any and what are your thoughts on TWS RFD range which is now through 2024?



I did, but can’t answer your other question as haven’t drunk any yet, and hoping to leave the case for a year or so (if I can!) :blush:


Me too. I haven’t looked to touch and will resist at least 12 months. Having had the 2016, I’d say the dates given are likely to be fine


Thanks good to know you have history from an earlier vintage. I will leave for spring 2021 also and hope it’s a good one and :microbe: free!

Sounds like a plan Inbar

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Looks like he’s not been seen for over a year…

I’ve not seen it and have been keeping half an eye open for it. I have 3 1/2 '15s and they were being bin ended last October if that means anything.

One 6 bottle case just appeared. Jeb 93/100 J L-L 3.5*Vinous 91-93

Great spot, some pro-level inventory watching going on here!


I just snaffled a lone bottle of Cote Rotie.

I missed out on the Thivin before Christmas but a case of 12 just appeared.

Nice treat.



Guigal Brune et Blonde 2008
J L-L 3.5* Vinous 92/100 Advocate 88/100 Jeb

I hope that this helps.

Here is The Wine Advocate Vintage Chart which is free to download.
A useful tool when checking out older vintages.



Thanks @Taffy-on-Tour. That’s a great resource.

Perhaps not be the best example of a Cote Rotie then!

It will be my first ever taste of CR so still looking forward to it.



The message that I wanted to get to you, without having to say it directly.
One tip that I can give is to consider Chateau Montlys.
I picked some (2009) up from the website a couple of years ago and it has been great!

That Robert Parker Vintage Chart is one of the very best out there.
It is however important to realise, that these Charts are generalisations, and some winemakers in iffy vintages may produce wonderful wine, and the less talented in great vintages may still be responsible for “dogs!!”
The Parker Chart drove home to me, quite how good the 2017 White Burgundy vintage was, and I have got stuck in with some judicious purchases: as very good years there are quite uncommon. I have to say, that there are times that I am utterly astonished how much magnificent wine lies of the “Remainder Stock Pages” after an EP Campaign. One example was the Gigondas Racines 2017 that languished unseen for months!! Sometimes better to “buy back” from a previous offer than purchase from a current one.


On the subject of iffy vintages I think we can be too quick to write them off at times.

I picked up a bottle of Potensac 2013 from Lidl for £15 last summer and it was delicious and hugely enjoyable. A bargain.


Had that last Christmas, it was superb!

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I thought you guys might like to see the video we’ve just posted on social media - Marcel made it from home and I absolutely love it:



Well done!
11 out of 10 for that one!!
It was important to note how steadily he poured the wine from the bottle, at the same time looking for sediment which he didn’t want in the decanter!
A trick for the dregs from the bottle is to use a coffee filter cone or even a paper cone fashioned from kitchen roll, and use that to filter the rest of the wine into a tumbler.
That is the prize that the decanter(er!?!) can award him/her self for doing a cracking job!


Great video! Wine education right there :+1:

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