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The Rhône Rangers


I managed to pick one each of the below, more on a whim than anything else. Has anyone bought and opened any yet?
Will they keep throughout the year?

Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine Roure 1997

Chateauneuf Du Pape 1994 Ch Du Beaucastel Perrin

Hermitage, Marquis de Sizeranne, Chapoutier 2001


Opened up the 97 Domaine Roure this evening, unfortunately it’s well passed its drinking date. Such a shame as we were looking forward to it.
The 2013 Thalabert is an absolute delight though.


Question for the Rhône gurus out there or perhaps TWS folks also…I have two different 2015 Ch Couracs and they are different.


The bottle on the right was an EP purchase and other was recently purchased as a winter warmer in the last few weeks.

I was wondering if anyone as TWS can shed any light on this?


Those are two different wines… a Laudun Village Cru and a generic CdR…

From a Rhone website

Our Côtes du Rhône is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and old Carignans, and is supple and fruity with fine, delicate tannins.

Our Côtes du Rhône Villages LAUDUN has good ageing potential, with flavours of ripe blackcurrants and raspberries alongside good structure and character.


Thanks for clarification so promptly…and yes they are very different even as the low end of the market the cru wine drinks better with air and decanting and remains age worthy.


An aside : The Delas Grignan (which is I think actually from the plain near Donzere where there’s a rubbish Intermarche and a very good Relais Routiers (not far from the autoroute du soleil)) , and the wonderfully rich Rive Gauche Rive Droite are both v good at this price point, as is Galus… Worth checking out.


Also rewards 2-3-4 years ageing which might also be a surprise at the price point.


Interesting. Opposite for Rive Gauche Droite… Best young IMHO


Definitely agree.


Thought I would throw this one out to the Rhône gurus for some advice…bought these wines last summer in Tain on a road trip in a little wine shop on the square opposite Jaboulets shop .

What do you think the drink date ranges are?

The Gerard Courbris is a 2017.
Appreciate anyone input these are resting in my garage eurocave.


Some St Joseph drink quite young so I’ll have a stab at 2018 to 2028? :thinking:


Thanks for the tip I don’t buy much northern Rhône so advice much appreciated.


Has anyone attended a L&W Rhône or other regional tasting in London ?
The next one is March 4th, Rhône , and I wondered if they were worth attending.
Any tips?


I went to it last year. The wines are young (presumably mostly 18s) with a few exceptions, but it does provide a great overview. They’re particularly strong in Northern Rhone IMO.

I would go again this year, but had already signed up to the TWS one the day before.


Thanks for the response sounds interesting we decided not to travel up for the day as we have a few other commitments and hope our L&W adviser can guide us with some good advice on the northern Rhône, we have enjoyed Alain Voges in the past .


Did anyone attend L&W’s Rhône event last evening and if so what were the standouts or preferences?
How did they align with TWS offer on price and choice?


Quite a bit of discussion on this thread from those attending.


I attended the L&W event. It was my first such event and I am by no means an expert taster, so I afraid I can’t offer much in the way of helpful tasting notes.

There was a very wide range of wines available from around 40 producers, so I would guess around 200 different wines to taste. I fell well short of that managing just over 40. Whilst it was tempting to taste all of the top wines (and I certainly tried a few!) I focussed mainly on wines that were more in a price range that I might consider actually buying.

The wine of the night for me was this:


Made from a single parcel of old (90yo) vines. Wonderfully rich and opulent for a St Joseph.

The other Pierres Seches wine was also wonderful:


From the southern Rhone I fancied this very reasonably priced Ventoux:


This was tested towards the end of the evening so my recollection may be slightly hazy, but I think the producer said this spends 5 years in large oak barrels before release hence why 2014 is only now coming to market. This was wonderfully complex with gamey and garrigue notes that I would normally associate with a the Northern Rhone but also bright fruity notes such as raspberry.

Finally, for a bit of a change, this sparkling St Peray was very enjoyable, would make a lovely aperitif on a summer’s day:


In general I’m more of a northern Rhone fan. I think many of the St Joseph’s on display were showing well. I enjoyed a number of different Cornas and Cote Rotie, but can’t justify the price. Wasn’t particularly wowed by the Crozes I tried. Hermitage was a mixed bag for me, but all out of my price range anyway!

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Great summary thanks…I will check out the links