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The Rhône Rangers


Still haven’t bought any, although my resolve is wobbling…

Good to have you back sir! :+1:


Hi all,

Noticed a bit of fuss recently on the WS Instagram about the Exhibition Châteauneuf-du-Pape:

Just wondering if anybody had worked out where this wine comes from?

This wonderful thread identified the WS Hermitage which was useful for finding notes. Any ideas?


Hi there, I received an emai about this wine yesterday with the following blurb -

For our flagship Exhibition range only the best will do, and we work with some of the world’s greatest winemakers, from the Médoc to Mendoza, to curate it. The results speak for themselves, and our Châteauneuf, made by the talented team at Vignobles Mayard, has been chosen by legendary wine expert Steven Spurrier as one of his ‘Wines of the Year’ in Decanter Magazine.


Ah okay. Missed that. Thanks!


It also has distinctly indifferent reviews online. I might get a single bottle to take a view.


Not exactly expensive for a 2015 CNdP, I agree it is worth a single bottle punt.


Maybe Spurrier had a quiet one last year.


What’s everyone’s view of 2018? With so many great 2015s, 16s, & 17s still around, is it worth waiting for the WS en primeur offer ?


I think it’s a year to read some tasting notes and be very selective. Some things are getting great reviews but equally I think we can expect some steep price rises


I went to the Justerini tasting a couple of months ago and wasn’t impressed with the vintage, at least at this stage. Just didn’t taste that good!


Just spotted this on the website -

I am sorely tempted, but after having just paid the December credit card bills I think I’m going to have to seriously cut down on wine spend for the foreseeable and look to transfer wines from reserves to home instead of further purchases… :sob:


Looks like a number of aged Rhones have appeared:


5 bottles only, so my guess is it is from the estate of a departed member.


Yeah I saw that too…very tempted, but I must remain strong…as there’s only 5 bottles they’ll probably go quickly and take the temptation away from me…


Some more wines… assuming from the same source



Gah, willpower destroyed!

I just had to get some 99 Roure to compare with the Thalabert I have from the same vintage. I was marginally restrained and got only 2 bottles though…


I think the Clos des Papes was part of the Christmas TWS offer? The other two I had the quickest of looks on Cellartracker reviews and they weren’t glowing reports. Just the Beaucastel that tickled my fancy…


Have placed a tiny order of just 4 bottles including the Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine Roure 1997. My excuse is that it’s my daughter’s birth year… yes, weak, I know! :blush:


Aaannnd They are gone!


That didn’t last long. Would have loved to try the Roures. Only have one 2012 left and I don’t think it will last long enough to see it fully mature…