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You know when you’re buying wine at the top (and above) your price range when an order of two bottles mean there’s no delivery charge… Must stop reading the posts in this community! :wink: I only dropped in for 5 minutes at lunchtime and I’m £78 lighter…


We’re almost as good as Fagin’s boys :slight_smile:


Saw this last night and put into basket then. Have now brought before my basket is emptied by “you lot”.
Different to the en premier as drinking now; so no storage makes it look cheap(repeat):joy:


This was Julia Harding writing for JancisRobinson.com on the 2009 Farconnet (which I think it has been established is the same wine) in 2017:

“Hard to believe this is 2009 as there is still so much peppery dark fruit on the nose. Oak still evident on the palate in sweet spice but the depth of fruit is there to avoid oak overload. Savoury and meaty on the palate and still so lively and youthful. Great harmony of fruit and structure, the tannins still firm but becoming supple. Drink: 2017-2029. 17.5 points”

Currently considering whether or not to swap out the planned christmas day claret for this…


Likewise… (along with a Saint-Pourcain blanc - impulse purchase after watching old Rick S in the Auvergne on catch-up last night).

Anyone got any ideas for a worthy food match for the Hermitage?


Saddle of venison or hare would be a great match I think.

Alternatively, the WS website suggests avocado with prawns…:rofl:


I’m planning to enjoy mine with a comfy chair and a great record :+1:


I succumbed to adding a couple of bottles of the Hermitage too…if @Herbster is on commission he will be doing quite well by now.


Forgot to say I found a bottle of the white hermitage exhibition 2012 in the fine wine room at TWS last week. It’s really worth a visit at this time of year.


The food/wine matcher is possibly the worst part of TWS website. But it is fun to look up its recommendations for drinking with avocado with prawns. Ausone, Grange and CNDP anyone?


Agree. The previous version was better.

The avocado with prawns goes with everything is a bit of a standing joke now…


3 bottles ordered :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
Thanks @Herbster and to this community.


very tempting… would be difficult to pass up, if I did not have a case of the 2010 in reserves…

You really need to look at how many bottles of Hermitage you would drink in a normal year. That fact together with the number of bottles you already have in your cellar should make this decision easier,


I think you mean how many bottles of Hermitage you would like to drink in a normal year!


Not that it matters, but if I was going to buy a bottle of Hermitage (which I won’t) for this (next?) Christmas, I would rather go for this one:

It is a lesser vintage (so potentially readier), but the top wine of the estate. Sorrel also seem to excel in poorer years. On the (massive?) downside of course is the 85% price difference…


If you want to justify, do it relative to the more expensive bottle; that way, it’s only a 46% difference!


I tried a bottle of this in January - memorably good. Haven’t tasted the Exhibition, but reckon I’d rather have one of these rather than 1.8 bottles of Exhibition, given Hermitage is such a special occasion wine.

My note:

Intense, heady nose of aromatic woods and dark fruits. In the mouth the flavours are more powerful than the medium body would suggest. Smoke and black cherry come after a couple of hours. Quite bitter and chewy. Tremendously long animalic aftertaste of musk and leather. This is already fantastic and ready to drink, but likely to improve. (93 points)


I recently picked up some of Sorrel’s 2009 Hermitage Rouge for just a little more than the Society’s offering…will be interesting to compare the two at some point.


I think it depends on what you are looking for. I have never bought, and have only drunk twice, wine outside of a restaurant costing more than £50/bottle on the table. I do buy and drink Cornas and Cote Rotie at £35 - 45, and I’ve never felt that they lack anything that would cause me to spend any more. So I’ve got a bottle of this as a benchmark. My assumption is that the rule that you should buy better wines from less prestigious appellations at any price point will hold, and it won’t be as good. But as the Chave Offerus manages to be both good and relatively inexpensive, I am hoping to be wrong and that would be interesting as Farconnet from decent years is reasonably easy that find.


I saw your post, I bought and repatriated children’s presents