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The Rhône Rangers


Finished the last bottle at weekend…agree with J L-L @4*


I came across this today - the original ‘Rhone Ranger’, Randall Grahm in 1989, pioneer of the movement who moved into growing Rhone varieties and making Rhone-style wines in California after lack of success with Pinot


Wasn’t Ken Forrester also given that name when he grew Rhone varieties in SA Peter ?
or am I confused in my dotage…


Can’t say it rings a bell, John. I remember back in '80s Rhone Rangers sounded most original with its reference to Clayton Moore’s Lone Ranger, (see below) and they certainly were striking out in California where the rest of quality makers were intent on copying Bordeaux and Burgundy.

But it’s been used so often by writer since for all sorts of people, just like ‘Cape Crusaders’ get wheeled out when writing about Cape wines. Original first time but on the 100th repetition just groan invoking :slight_smile: .

Ken Forrester has, to my memory, always been linked to Chenin; he didn’t pioneer Rhone varieties in the Cape, and his first appearance in Platter was in 1997 with Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc made by Cathy Marshall.

The one and only Lone Ranger; though he was only on black and white telly…

Hi yo, Silver! Away!!


Who was that masked man…? :open_mouth: