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By pure chance I received an email yesterday regarding the sale of a private celler which happened to include that very wine at a price mid way between TWS EP offer price and £132. Full provenance was assured as the wine was in storage at the vendor. Couldn’t resist. There was a serious amount of other wine for sale at all price points.


And the 15 appears to be back (well, orderable anyway)


Showing as out of stock.


Just went to order and it got snatched out of my basket :triumph:


Glad I grabbed some earlier. Put a mixed case in reserves, with some Fontodi 2015 and some Pataille Marsannay, mind you it stopped me getting all the Bourgogne La chapille I wanted.

Snooze you loose!!!


Ha! The power of the Community, or the problem of small lots? Glad I didn’t dither in this case, though sorry if I’ve deprived the rest of you.


Confused? You will be! For me it’s now saying due in 31st May, order now.


Now shows ‘due in 31 may’! Tempted, as last year it was only offered in halves, but i did get 2 cases of those so…


Now ordered a 6pk :grinning:


How random…:thinking:


Three bottles ordered plus one other :grinning: I have some of the half bottles of 2016 too.


A pal brought 2 bottles of their 2010 for Sunday lunch last weekend. Sublime and a perfect match for a rare Sirloin of beef. Top producer!


Looks like there’s only around 140 bottles coming (or remaining after others have pre-ordered). So likely to go quick.


Is there a remaining stocks list for 2017? There’s nothing on the website in the en primeur section, only the 2016 Bordeaux.

Asking for a friend…


@Herbster I have one probably well out of date but happy to pass on. PM me your email and I will forward it.