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This is the thread that just keeps on giving.

Before this, the Rhone was something of a blind spot for me. I’d had a few bottles here and there, but a limited grasp of the grapes, producers, vintages or subtleties of north/south.

The content here and the subsequent research and purchases it has sparked means it is now one of my favourite wine producing regions (maybe 2nd after the sherry triangle anyway).

Thanks to all concerned, and please, keep it coming!


Absolutely, and I’d like to add my seasons greetings and best wishes to all.
My enthusiasm for, and knowledge of Rhone wines has gained enormously by following this thread. Many thanks and do have some great Christmas bottles!
I had a bottle of Chave Mon Coeur '16 last night to kick things off…sublime, sublime…and I still have 11 left!


Started my Rhone phase before discovering this thread but have gained a lot and lost a bit through it.
Gained lots of recommendations, lost out on some of them through lack of money and hesitation but have picked up a few too. Probably - no definitely spent more than I should have done for example just bought six Les Racines 2016 on recommendation from @Taffy-on-Tour.

Shame there isn’t a wine exchange/buy feature on this forum because I bet there is loads of excess wines out there that could be shared out.

Maybe a daft question but can you send personal messages on this forum?


Yes you can , click on your avatar and it will bring up an envelope symbol . This will allow you to send private messages .


Thanks Leah. Going to mail bomb @Taffy-on-Tour on tour now to get him to relinquish some of his vast cellar :wink:. Only joking of course.



£18 per bottle all in.

Cursodon’s young vine cuvee but from a terrific vintage and over £5/bottle cheaper than any other UK merchant that I could find, so a bargain to boot.

J L-L 3.5 *, Jeb & Vinous 91-93, 90-92, so really well thought of.
And if you think that the J L-L score is a tad light, then this is the very same score that he gave to the wine that was the Exhibition Crozes 2015 from Nicolas Perrin!!
And you might ask yourself, if you think that there will be any tidy 2017 St joseph’s at £77 i.b./6??


Really special, blowout bottle for Christmas. A wonderful experience, just wish it was economically possible to drink like this more regularly!

So savoury in that aged rhone way, made me wish I had more older stuff in the cellar. It’ll be 10-15 years before I’ve got anything else as developed at the moment!


I had a chateau d’ampuis 2001 a few years back, and it was really impressive.
So I can imagine this La being a blowout!


Have you tried the 2009 Thalabert yet that you bought at the same time as the 2006 Guigal, @Bluebeard ?
Inspired by your experience, I thought of buying some '09 and '12 Thalabert from Blast, together with a bottle of the 2010 Guigal Vignes de l’Hospice.


No, I haven’t - think it might still be improving - but I’ve also had (yesterday and today) a 1990 Condrieu and a 2000 Alsatian Pinot Gris from Blast and they were both in good condition, so I’d be pretty confident about the wine.


Condrieu almost 30 years old?! Didn’t think viognier could live that long. What was it like?


I haven’t had vin jaune, but like that maybe - not flat at all, but far from fruity, a bit sherried. Everyone liked it.

Comment from Blast when I was discussing the deal:

“if you are interested in aged white Rhone, this is a wine no longer made from one of the most exceptional terroirs in Condrieu (2 ha on Coteau de Chery) from vines planted in 1921 – many bottles from the 1970s are drinking beautifully. Bit of a gamble, but it looks immensely appealing to me at least.”


Interesting…I gather that good Condrieu can be a bit like Hunter Valley Semillon or old vine Marsanne - good drinking on its fruit for 2-3 years, then goes into its shell for 5 years or so, then emerges as spicy, minerally and complex.

Earlier this year, I found a bottle of 1988 Vin Jaune that I’d bought in the Jura, put in the garage and forgotten about. Opened it in March, it was amazing, a bit like a very concentrated amontillado sherry, spicy, nutty, marmalady, a myriad of flavours.


This is interesting (and consistent with what we tasted last night) http://palatepress.com/2012/01/wine/tasting-two-decades-of-viognier-can-this-grape-stand-the-test-of-time/


Interesting and heartening to hear this…I found a bottle of 2009 Condrieu that I didn’t know I still had when doing my annual stock take last week. Have decided to hang on to it and see what it’s like in a year or two…


,Nabbed three bottles of Famille Perrin Vinsobres for £27 at Booths in Longton nr Preston


Great buy at that price!
JL-L/DrinkRhone gives it 4* and suggests leaving it until late '19 to let the tannins soften - if you can wait that long!


I ordered the special offer 2014 Cream of the Crop mixed case today - put into reserves. I gather 2014 was the least good vintage for a while, but this appears relative, e.g. the Chave Hermitage gets 94.2 on Cellartracker (about middling for recent vintages) and the Clos des Papes gets 92.6 (slightly below average).

Reckon I’ll not be taking delivery until the mid-2020s!


Thanks for pointing me to Blast’s list, I’ve just put in an order for some Cornas and to try some of the interesting Northern Rhone VdF/CdR they list. Seems like a very drinker-oriented, unstuffy brokerage that might find the odd gem of a new producer or wine from a non AOC site. Two of their producers aren’t even listed on drinkrhone, which I thought was an impossibility! Taffy, as you seem to know JLL might you suggest he pays a visit to Boulliot-Salomon at Côte Rotie and Cyril Courvoisier at Cornas? A new producer at Cornas in particular is exciting, be good to know who he’s bought vines from and where


The guy is based in Lyon, presumably for easy access to obscure Rhone locations!