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The La Rosine '13 is currently on the WS website at £18. A super, pure, unoaked example of N. Rhone syrah, drinking beautifully now.


Absolutely. Gorgeous wine, just one bottle left in the garage here…


Yup I still have one bottle left! :smiley:


Thanks, I had forgotten that I had bought 3 bottles a few months ago.
I got Rosine EP 15 &16 on the tasting note and price.
I had only bought the Lezardes previously which I really like.
Maybe ce soir, if I can find it!! DOH!! :wink:


I took a look at how good the Racines 2017 is, and took my own advice.
One more X 6 bottles of the '16 put away.
It may well be cheaper than the '17 and I will get it one year earlier!
What’s not to like??:wink::grinning:

Others selling the 2017 Racines at £110 ib.
And the '16 is the better wine at £92!!


Just clocked the Exhibition Hermitage Blanc '14 - the reviews are absolute raves. Matthew Jukes, whose views I greatly respect, was in ecstasy about it.
Just bought a few more bottles - there seems to be very little stock left.


Trousered 3 of the 14 and 4 of the 13.
The 13 is said to be the slightly better vintage, but a Chave wine in my experience never fails to deliver.
To my abject shame, I have not pulled the cork on any of these bottles, so a treat in store!??!::smirk::wink:


Tasted that earlier this year chez Laurent Charvin and it is indeed spectacular!


The Exhibition Hermitage White 2014 now all gone :cry:
The Exhibition Hermitage 2014 Red in 12 bottle cases are still available.
In fact 62+ cases.


Has anyone tried the Cote Rotie 2013 le Combard, Gilles Barge .


Tried to buy Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge, Coudoulet de beaucastel, on the 19th is out of stock.:unamused:


It’ll be on offer soon - then I’ll be forced to buy some more.


I bought 3 of the 2009. I’ve had 1 - it is terrific.
Think the 2013 is a lesser vintage but should still be great and think that you’re in for a treat.


So, an update into my venture into the world of Hermitage.

I have purchased 1 bottle each of:

  • The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Blanc 2014
  • Hermitage Cuvée Emilie, Domaine des Remizières 2006

The plan is to crack the red soonish and leave the white to develop further.


Ready now do you think ?


Ready now (just!)
Wine-searcher states 2018-2033


I also have the '09 to look forward to. Based on the above for the '13 it might get promoted to my “ready to drink this year” spreadsheet column in the annual January reshuffle :slight_smile:


On my CellarTracker I’ve put mine as drink 2014-2024 so hence I’ve dipped into 1 (last year) but not in a huge rush to open the other 2.


JLL the same - '18 to '30


Had one of my wines of the year today - 2006 Guigal “Vignes de L’Hospice” St-Joseph (picked up a single bottle a few weeks ago from Blast Vintners). Really rich without being cloying, lots of complex and delicious dark chocolate and pepper flavours - feel affirmed that my plan to have more mature N Rhone in my life is the right one :yum: