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The Rhône Rangers


I picked 3 of the 2016 in the end, mainly because if I decide to get any more next year they are all likely to be 2017s and partly because (flawed theory I know) the 2016 might drink a year earlier


+1 for L’Oratoire, for me the best address and their whites are also superb. Bought our holiday drinking there a few times when staying in the area. Mags of their 2005 top cuvee red drinking beautifully and stocked up on 2010 Les Douyes mags last time. Brilliant QPR.


As I understand it, Les Sinards is part young vine Beaucastel, part (probably the largest) from a 7 hectare vineyard 2.5km down the road, rented from the Sinard family.
80,000 bottle p.a. made according to DrinkRhone - most of them seem to have been bought from Sainsbury’s by contributors to this thread!:grinning:


That’s certainly my understanding as well. Hoping we found a nice bargain. Clearly it’ll be worlds apart from its older sibling but should be well made and good drinking, especially given a few years in the bottle which is very much the plan


I took a look at the stocks of TWS Exhibition Crozes Hermitage 2015 the other day and I am sure that there were 70 cases available.
Sad to recount that they are now all gone!!:cry::cry:
Ah well, I hope that you got your share.
The WS Exhibition Hermitage 2014 has 68 X 12 bottle cases in stock.
It is a shame that they have not been repacked into 6’s.
Maybe a job for January??:wink:


Ach, bummer, I was going to buy a few next month. I see the 2016’s there now, maybe I’ll try a bottle…


Not sure as good as the 15
J L-L gave the 15 3,5* and the 16 3*.
I reckon the 15 was at least a 4* if not a 4.5* wine, maybe Marcel got us the better barrels?
But one never knows until one tastes!!:grinning::wink:


Where on the website can you see what wine stocks are still available ?


I think the '15 might have been a bit feral for JLL. I would agree it merited a higher score but it doesn’t take any prisoners. It did kind of make me wonder how long some of the more structured 2015s are going to take to calm down a bit. Even some of the Crozes have drinking windows more akin to decent left bank Bordeaux than Bistro-bound Syrah!

New thread: ‘who is getting cryogenically frozen in order to be able to enjoy their EP purchases’


You just order a large number of cases until you exceed the actual stock level.
Then its simple arithmetic.:wink:


One bottle now in stock, the last one presumably!!:open_mouth::wink:


Someone must have cancelled an order…