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I picked 3 of the 2016 in the end, mainly because if I decide to get any more next year they are all likely to be 2017s and partly because (flawed theory I know) the 2016 might drink a year earlier


+1 for L’Oratoire, for me the best address and their whites are also superb. Bought our holiday drinking there a few times when staying in the area. Mags of their 2005 top cuvee red drinking beautifully and stocked up on 2010 Les Douyes mags last time. Brilliant QPR.


As I understand it, Les Sinards is part young vine Beaucastel, part (probably the largest) from a 7 hectare vineyard 2.5km down the road, rented from the Sinard family.
80,000 bottle p.a. made according to DrinkRhone - most of them seem to have been bought from Sainsbury’s by contributors to this thread!:grinning:


That’s certainly my understanding as well. Hoping we found a nice bargain. Clearly it’ll be worlds apart from its older sibling but should be well made and good drinking, especially given a few years in the bottle which is very much the plan


I took a look at the stocks of TWS Exhibition Crozes Hermitage 2015 the other day and I am sure that there were 70 cases available.
Sad to recount that they are now all gone!!:cry::cry:
Ah well, I hope that you got your share.
The WS Exhibition Hermitage 2014 has 68 X 12 bottle cases in stock.
It is a shame that they have not been repacked into 6’s.
Maybe a job for January??:wink:


Ach, bummer, I was going to buy a few next month. I see the 2016’s there now, maybe I’ll try a bottle…


Not sure as good as the 15
J L-L gave the 15 3,5* and the 16 3*.
I reckon the 15 was at least a 4* if not a 4.5* wine, maybe Marcel got us the better barrels?
But one never knows until one tastes!!:grinning::wink:


Where on the website can you see what wine stocks are still available ?


I think the '15 might have been a bit feral for JLL. I would agree it merited a higher score but it doesn’t take any prisoners. It did kind of make me wonder how long some of the more structured 2015s are going to take to calm down a bit. Even some of the Crozes have drinking windows more akin to decent left bank Bordeaux than Bistro-bound Syrah!

New thread: ‘who is getting cryogenically frozen in order to be able to enjoy their EP purchases’


You just order a large number of cases until you exceed the actual stock level.
Then its simple arithmetic.:wink:


One bottle now in stock, the last one presumably!!:open_mouth::wink:


Someone must have cancelled an order…


My prescription is simple. Don’t bother with cryogenics. Simply take a moderate amount of Rhone wine 5 days a week, with meals!:slight_smile:

I agree with you about the '15’s James. They pack a punch and the Crozes wines will keep, but at the same time they’re terrific drinking right now. A bottle of the Nicolas Perrin Alexandrins (same wine as the WS Exhibition in my book) was superb last night with roast chicken.

In the same way as the Crozes Alexandrins/Exhibition, my theory is that the WS Exhibition Red Hermitage is essentially J L Chave Selection Farconnet…can anyone shed any light?


I have thought that maybe the Farconnet was :open_mouth: :open_mouth: the same as the WS Exhibition Hermitage bottling, now I am pretty sure that it is not. The wine source seems to be different, it is possible that we get a blend of the best of what is available -like the Cayron 2010.
And it would be duplicitous of the Society to essentially relabel a branded bottle and sell it as our own. I do not believe the Society would do that!!:open_mouth::wink::smiley:


Syrah from purchased crop from Les Diognières, Les Greffieux, a little Péléat, 80% destemmed, 3-4 week vinification, cap punched, floating cap, aged 10-20% new, rest 1-5 year 228-litre oak casks 24 months, a little in 2001, then regularly from 2004, 5,000 b

Drinkrhone’s description of the Farconnet, named after the domaine they took over rather than from their vineyard.

The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage
The Chaves are owners in many of the best plots on Hermitage. Each vineyard is harvested and vinified separately before being raised in Burgundian barrels. Jean-Louis Chave starts making up his blends after these elements have spent a year or so in barrel and, inevitably, some of become surplus to requirements. It is these parcels that form the basis of The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage.

This is the society’s description. probably a different wine then.

Copy of my post in another thread.


And I know that it is early, but now is the time to do your research for Rhone EP 2017.
I don’t know about you but I jumped into the EP Offers 15&16 with both feet.
I am swimming in the stuff!:open_mouth:
So rather than across the board, for 2017 I am going to focus.
2108 is reputed to be similar to 2017, except that mildew ravaged the Grenache at some properties leaving the vignerons with literally no crop!!
It all depends what you have in your reserves.
If you are starting from scratch, then you could do a lot worse than buy back from the 2016 remaining stock list. You know what you will be paying, Brexit may still play havoc with the £/Euro rate.
2017 EP should be a year for the judicious top-ups, keeping in mind lower available stocks for 2018 from the effects of the mildew.
And don’t forget that the occasional cracker may be released from TWS cellars, perchance a Deja Vu of the Chave 2016?!?


Like @Taffy-on-Tour, I find myself swimming in '15 &'16 Rhones, mostly bought EP. I’ve had a quick count up and reckon there are 152 bottles of red, either in the cellar or in the EP pipeline. :blush: But when am I gonna get to drink it all? I’m 72 for heavens sake!:worried:
On the other hand, it’s only 1 bottle a week for three years. I can feel myself quivering with pleasurable anticipation.:grin: Or is it the DT’s?:face_with_head_bandage:


I was intrigued by your mathematical prowess, so I took up the challenge.
Sir, if you are swimming then it appears that I am plumbing the depths of the Mariana Trench!!:open_mouth:
My count is 490 bottles from Rhone EP 15&16.:cry::smiley:
The upside is that the “lesser” bottles like the Rosine & Lezardes is ready already, for the Tourelles, Hominis Fides, Miaux, Faurie and the (gulp!!sorry) Chave 15 a much longer wait is due!!! :wink:


I doff my chapeau to you sir, that is indeed awesome!:open_mouth:
Very helpful, too, in convincing my wife that my wine buying activities in recent years have been entirely reasonable, if not paltry. :wink:


Yeeesh, with only 66 bottles of EP 15/16 bought I’m very much the Checkatrade to your guys’ Champions League. I feel much better about it all.