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Jaboulet 2013 Hermitage delayed yet again. Not a problem in itself but it would be nice to know it’s not cooking in the sun somewhere.


I sent an email to member services yesterday asking for exactly that reassurance! Though, of course, ultimately the TWS promise is the back up but it would be very disappointing.

I can only imagine that the continued delay is disappointing and embarrassing.
The delay, upon delay cannot engender confidence.
If I had an order within this consignment, a cancellation would be on my mind.
And I would make it clear, that I am sure that no responsibility lies at the door of the Society Logistics department. :dragon:

I don’t mind at all about the delay from the point of view of timing, as the bottles are going straight into reserves for me anyway.

But I agree that it would be good to know what is happening to the wine while it is being delayed in transport. There isn’t much point paying money for the wine to be stored in perfect conditions if it has already spent several months in terrible conditions.


I spoke with member services today and apparently it’s only been loaded onto the lorry this morning. The delays have been caused by a big backlog at the winery due to Covid, lockdown etc. So there should be no issues with it.


Phew!! :rofl: :dragon:

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I was told, via email, was in a fridge trailer and not the baking sun. Didn’t mention how long had been in trailer or where so your response is very welcome.


Yes they said it was loaded into a fridge trailer at the winery this morning. The extremely kind and helpful lady (I’m sorry I forgot her name). Went off and asked and then rang me back! How’s that for service!