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I completely agree that, with doubts around price and quality in '17 and '18, going long on '15s and '16s will prove to have been a great decision. Fill your boots while they’re still available! I note that WS still has some EP '16’s available.

By the way, has anyone tried the Clos Romane Cairanne '12? At £10.95 from WS it seems a bargain; it was pretty much the same price EP four years ago! DrinkRhone rates the 2012 Cairannes highly.


I had the Clos Romane a few weeks back and absolutely loved it. Couldn’t quite believe how much it had to offer at that price. So I put a case in my reserves to drink over the next couple of years.


I also tried and thought was very good value. A very nice wine, perfect now.


I almost wrote up the Clos Romane Cairanne 2012 this afternoon and at £10.95 with a good member review seems like a no-brainer. 79 X 12 bottle cases in stock.

As far as 2017 Rhone, I see already that some very good wines have been made, but prices and availability may well cause Marcel some problems. I’m already 50% decided at what I will go for in the 2017 EP Offer based on previous years notes. But who knows!?!


I bought three of the Domaine Ste Anne Cuvees in the 2009 vintage.

The Notre Dame de Celletes (70% Grenache - £85 per dozen EP) started drinking well (in my opinion) in late 2014 (almost two years later than the suggested drinking window started). It was still going strong when we drank the last bottle in 2017 - and no doubt would have gone at least to the end of the window in 2019.

The Les Mourillons (100% Syrah - £60 per six EP) didn’t (for me) start really drinking well until 2016 (suggested window started in 2014). I only had 6 and the last was drunk earlier this year. I think it was still some way from peak but excellent.

My favourite was the St Gervais (Mourvedre, Syrah, Grenache -£120 per dozen EP) needed six years to come around. My cellar book states “still very tannic” in 2015, “coming round” in 2016 and “drinking well” in 2017. Must try another bottle!

I’ve not tried the Les Rouvieres but my experience above suggests you need to wait at least 5/6 years for these wines to hit their stride. They are definitely worth the wait.


Cellar book! I should get a cellar book. Or a cellar, come to think of it :rofl:


Thanks @lincoln thats very helpful and most interesting. The Rouvieres may, I think, be the St Gervais in an up to date marketing guise. I bought both the '15 and '16 EP; looks like I’d be best waiting until 2020/21 to sample the first bottle.


I just joined TWS and wanted to say that I was also at that BBR tasting, and had exactly the same impression. That Chave is the most memorable red wine of my life (and I’ve drunk Margaux 1959!)
Finally have a bit of money together and planning on getting some more Rhone in my life now :slight_smile:

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Well done!
My advice is to start with the WS Exhibition Hermitages Red and White (both made by Chave) with the Exhibition Crozes.
You will not go wrong with these.
Keep an eye out for N & S Rhone’s from 2015/16 on the website.
These are cracking buys.
Subscribe to J L-L @Drinkrhone.com, a cheap source of a terrific database.
And taste!! lol! :grinning::wink:

I am sure that other members would like to chip in some advice, we ALL at some point had to start our journey.


I just bought (from another website…) the following:

2009 Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert Jaboulet

2006 St-Joseph Les Vignes de L’Hospice Guigal

I’m looking forward to trying some more recent vintages in due course.

I saw the drama about the 2005 Chave being available for cheap from TWS - what a dream!

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Hi, as a relative newbie to TWS is it possible that they will release some of the 2016 Rhone wines that were on the en primeur list around the same time as the 2017 offer arrives?

I know there is a ‘remaining stock’ list, but I was more thinking of buying small amounts of wines I missed out on due to financial restraints at the time (and now).

Do they usually hold some back for general sale at a later date or is it a case of it all goes in the offer then that’s it?

Wines such as Sarrazine, Mont Redon CNdP, Offerus etc


Maybe a staff member will chip in, but my guess is that by the bottle sales would start when they are ready to drink. Guess that maybe a year away, although the 2016 exhibition Vacqueyras is on the list now.


For those interested, my local Sainsburys has Perrins CDP Les Sinnards in stock, reduced to £19.50 and a further 25% off for a mixed six purchase, at £14.62 those into CDP will know if that is a bargain or not, though most Perrin products are good value.


Aaagh, stop tempting me! :wink:


Seems like a good deal.
Maybe the best thought might be that “you can only drink so much!!”:open_mouth:
I am going to have another crack at the Jaboulet Plan de Dieu 2015. I think that this might be my 3rd attempt to taste, sadly so far thwarted for a number of disparate reasons.


Online there doesn’t appear to be a vintage quoted, and the one review comment speaks of significant variability in quality suggesting it may be better to buy from a proper merchant…


It is the 2016, sorry for not including the vintage, I would not take one quote that is a bit vague as any guide to this wine, Perrin have a very good reputation for quality across the board.


Sinards 2016 J L-L 4.5* Jeb 90, so not too shabby at all and from a great vintage with the Beaucastel fairydust! :wink:


@cerberus no need to apologise - my comment about the lack of vintage shown was directed at Sainsburys for failing to show it on their website. I think also that the review quote was more directed at variability in CNdP from Sainsburys in general rather than this specific wine. I agree that Perrin’s reputation is good across the board - doesn’t mean that there won’t be the odd bad bottle or sometimes fairly ordinary wine, but in general my experience has been good too.