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I learned a lesson with Delon’s Clos du Marquis from an absolute dog of a vintage.
The perfume was intense, it had minerality and length on the palate. :wink: :dragon:

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Dme Marcoux from 2013 cost me under £20 a bottle IB and has been great. Lots to be said for the odd bargain from duff vintages.

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I think the problem with this wine is the implication that it may be reasonably compared with Cote Rotie. The 2016 tasting note doesn’t say that exactly but it certainly nods in that direction.

I’ve bought the 2015, 2016 and 2018 and have likewise enjoyed the first two bottles of the 2016 I’ve drunk. Is it really comparable to Cote Rotie (which might cost twice as much at the entry level)? No. Is it a tasty glass of Syrah at a reasonable price? In my view yes and that’s more than good enough for me.



I think this is all very true. I consider this to be an excellent bottle of wine in the 20 odd pound range but it is not a £40 bottle and comparisons with Cote Rotie, and even some of the hype on these pages, might lead one to think they’re going to get a £40 bottle for £20. An excellent bottle for the price but no more and that’s quite enough to make me a regular buyer.


I think this year is testament to the quality control at Meerlust. They’re not releasing a Rubicon due to it being subpar.

It does mean that there house red should be pretty good and good QPR!


Decent price for this if you are interested. Sorry link not working. Roberson Wine.


Yes it is a shame that the French don’t take that approach more often.
I don’t think there are many commodities where whether you sell a good one, an indifferent one, or a bad one you can get away with charging the same for it.
Imagine a butchers shop on the High Street when on a good day you either get a piece of fillet or a nice rib eye, but on a bad day you have to put up with a bit of skirt or shin for the same money.
I do hear the arguement that good producers turn out good wines in poorer vintages, indeed they do, but they are not as good as the wines offered from top Johny vintages.
Recently there have been a run of excellent vintages, and so I can’t see the benefit if tip toeing through the minefield of a lesser vintage hoping to strike lucky.
I’m sure some folks with more experience, time on their hands and money in the bank may derive a lot of enjoyment from managing to achieve some success at this, but unfortunately it’s not for me.
One last thought on the subject: If we were to vote with our feet and leave lesser vintages alone then supply and demand would force the prices down and we’d get better value for money.
The level of wines we’re discussing here must ensure an extremely comfortable living for the producers, look at the chateaus they’re living in, so I’m sure they’d not go hungry if they couldn’t get top dollar each year for their product.


With the case discount that’s only £1 per bottle more than TWS EP DP.

Thanks for posting! I have succumbed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thats a cracking deal and 2017 was an excellent vintage in SA.
Very tempted but all the credit card payments on goodies splashed out on earlier in the year and EP tax payments have now come home to roost and my bank balance is looking rather thin at the moment.
I was surprised last week, I bought some 2019 EP Rhone from somewhere else this year as well as from TWS. It’s just arrived, I didn’t think it would get here until next year when TWS order gets delivered.

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A great pastime on the Rhone part of the Wine Society website, is to truffle out bargains.
It may be that you missed out completely when a great vintage came to market.
It might have been that you could not afford…everything.
It could have been that… :blush: you just missed it.
For me, my 2016 EP request was the length of an Andrex Roll and I just had to stop somewhere!!
No matter, whilst perusing the list just now, this one piqued my interest.

Make no mistake, I did not want to buy it!!
But then, I rationalised an argument.
Was it from a great vintage?
Is it from a Domaine that I really respect?
Is it great value compared to recent releases?
Will I regret not adding it to my 2016 CH9dP purchases?
And that was BEFORE I looked at the numbers.
Vinous 96/100, Jeb 98/100, Parker 97/100, J L-L 4.5*, cellartracker.com
The answer to these 5 factors was a resounding yes.

The one very minor outlier is J L-L. 4.5*'s is normally a very good score.
His precis description in the Leading Wines Notes was:
"Weighted, Stately, Concentrated, & Long"
And the Caillou CH9dP Reserve CH9dP got 5*'s from him.
Their CdR Reserve got 5*'s.
I could go on!! :tired_face:

The price of this Caillou CH9dP Quartz 2016 from the 2016 EP OFFER was: £253 DP
The price of the Caillou CH9dP Quartz 2019 from the 2019 EP OFFER was: £269 DP
The price of the Caillou CH9dP Quartz 2016 from the website today was: £276 DP

Sometimes we get the opportunity to buy back great wine from a fabulous vintage.
Today is/was that day.
Given a few years cellarage charges, it is being offered at very much the same price as it was in 2018.

So I bought a case. :dragon:


Now is the month of maying
When merry rangers are… er… buying?

Quite a few EP offers round the corner it seems, most importantly here the 2019 Languedoc and the 2020 Chapoutier/Ferraton. I wonder:

  1. will the Ferraton range be better than it was last year, and
  2. if the Languedoc offer will basically be what we’ve had in previous Rhone offers but presented separately, or if we’ll see an increased range. I very much hope the latter!

6 EP offers in May😬

Oh Joy!! A month off!! :grinning:
Sweet Bordeaux & Bolly are my next targets. :dragon:

I am very much OUT after far too much Q1 investment.

However, an email about an interesting looking case of Faugeres has just landed, so never say never… :smiley:

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I may have beenn tempted by this if it weren’t for the upcoming EP… I assume the domaine will be in the offer so perhaps this is a little teaser…


Is there really… Omg

I’m bracing myself.

My friend was kind enough to share an earlier vintage vintage of this wine at the weekend and I was not particularly impressed. Perhaps my palette is not sophisticated enough. Anyway I purchased a case of the 2013 when it was available and TWS have agreed to take this back. So anyone who missed out first time round should keep an eye out as 6 bottles will no doubt appear shortly.


What didn’t you like about it, or was it simply a QPR thing?

I’m surprised you don’t have a dabble at the Languedoc’s Taffy, as many are Rhonesque in grape and style.
Something I meant to mention a while ago, but having to go back to work recently has cramped my time available to enjoy the fun and banter here: Whats all this about drinking a couple of San Miguels on a quiet day. I do hope they were not the foul UK rendition of this already noxious brew from Spain. Surely taste buds of your unquestionable standing would baulk at the very thought.
Currently there has never been a better time to enjoy some lovely beer sweet beer. In fact, the proliferation of so many wonderful styles, from a growing army of brewers, has forced a reduction in the amount of wine Mrs Drainhole and I have been chucking back.
A little more time spent on whats consumed on quieter days could serve you well.

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