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Probably the last EP offer:


I inferred that the Mont-Redon was currently available on the Website.
It is not!:cry:


I only went for the mixed case in the Rhone offer (which has 1 bottle of the Lirac and CNDP from Mont Redon), really should have bought a case of each, hindsight is a wonderful thing!


I’m slightly conservative in my EP choices, I tend to buy the ones I know I like but the list increases! Started with Thalabert and now includes Ferraton St Joseph, Mt Redon C9dp, Mule Blanche and I think next time I might add the Raspail-Ay Gigondas :smiley:

The Mt Redon was added after a memorable bottle of the 2007.


When I first started buying wine, I bought the occasional mixed case.
Then when I got to drink them I found a few terrific bottles, but I had only bought ONE bottle of each. After suffering that frustration, I vowed to only buy complete cases as to get to the point when a wine is at its best, one might try a few still on the way up.
I grieve for the day when much wine went from 12 bottle cases to 6’s.
Having said that, there is the pain of double the price and half the cases for a membership who are clamouring for stock.
In truth, there is no easy answer!!


Historically most of my collection was heavily Bordeaux based.

I’ve been making an effort over the last couple of years to grow my collection of wines from the Rhone and Italy in particular.

Hopefully some good drinking over the next few years.

These are the wines that I have bought, none of which have been opened yet.

2010 TWS Exhibition Hermitage

2015 Perrin Gigondas Vieilles Vignes L’Argnee

2015 Pieree Gaillard St Joseph Les Pierres

2015 Clos des Papes CNDP

2016 Chave Mon Coeur

2016 Chave Offerus

2016 Perrin C-H Alexandrins

2016 Mont Redon CNDP

And one bottle of 1995 Clos des Papes CNDP that I bought to take to an upcoming Hawksmoor Monday night dinner.


I agree with you on this, I think I will be shifting towards straight cases, most of my EP purchases are straight cases, stumbled upon the Mont Redon Lirac in a 2013 Rhone mixed case - at least I know I enjoy the style and I am sure there will be other great vintages in the future! Think I have built up a fair mix of wines now with a range of drink dates with some ready to drink now with some having a start drink date in 5-10 years time. A case of 6 would mean having say 1 bottle per year during the drink window but I guess will be overlapped with other wines from other producers and regions for the rest of the year :slight_smile:


For me 6 bottle cases are perfect.

Although I’ll buy 12 bottles for something I know that I love and can enjoy over a very long period of time.

I feel your pain in the frustration of finding a gem but only having one bottle. I still lust after a bottle of Josmeyer Grand Cru Hengst Samain. The most beautiful Alsace riesling. I bought one bottle. Went back to buy more and it was out of stock.

To compound my misery I discover that they only make it in great vintages and they have not made any since 2013! If only I had bought a case.


I have far too many instances of "I wish that I had bought more!!:cry:
That is why I bought the Thalabert 2015 on Saturday.
One of the very best Crozes vineyards, from a Domaine that seems to have rediscovered it’s mojo and a great vintage.
I have repented and regretted enough times.
Highly unlikely that 2017 will produce this sort of quality.
So bite the bullet today.
And the Roure 2015 was the icing on the cake as I have never tasted this wine, which I think is only made in the best of years.
I look forward to the years when the 2015 & '16’s enter their drinking window.
The pain that has been endured filling my cellar will have been worth it!! :wink::grinning:


I tasted the 2010 Exhibition Hermitage as part of my WSET 3 course.

It was by far the best wine I tasted on the course and could well be the best bottle I’ve ever tasted.

I’d love to have a few bottles stashed away.




I purchased the Mont Redon in magnums too. :grinning:There were some cases of bottles left on the original “remaining stocks” of 2016 EP - and I am now so glad I topped up my order.


None left now. Just enquired.


I think that I am correct that Raspail-Ay is not offered EP, only DP later in the year on the website.
You have to keep your eyes open or better still peruse these pages for an alert!


Such a fantastic wine


Well, that just frees up funds for some Cornas :upside_down_face:


The '15 Raspail Ay is available for £21.75/bottle from an outfit called Pierre Hourlier Wines in Melbourne near Derby. I’ve dealt with them and they’re good.
Since this is my first post to this thread, here are a few random thoughts:
My most recent Rhone bottles were the '14 Guigal CdR and the '15 Cazaux Templiers last weekend. The first was a bit disappointing - a nice bit of leather on the nose, but otherwise unremarkable. There has been some suggestions here that GCdR generally needs plenty of time and perhaps that’s the case here?
The second, bought EP, was certainly a case of gross infanticide, but I thought this wine was wonderful. It has a lovely savoury note and the high proportion of syrah gives it lift and backbone - no hint of heaviness even at 14%, my sort of wine, can’t wait to sample the other five over the next 5 years.
This coming weekend its St Jo Cuvee du Papy '13 from Stephane Montez. I visited his wonderful cellars/tasting rooms high on the top of the western side of the rhone valley, with spectacular views down the river. His wines are terrific.
My '16 Rhone EP purchases were:
St Jo Cuminaille Gaillard
Crozes Picaudieres Rousset
Cornas Patou Dumien Serrette
Vinsobres Cornuds Perrin
Vacqueyras Templiers Cazaux
CNDP Mont Redon
WS Gigondas mixed case
CdRV St Gervais Dom. Ste. Anne Les Rouvieres

Is anyone familiar with the wines of that last one, by the way? I bought it because I like the sound of the high proportion of Mourvedre, but now gather it needs at least 10 years Whoops! I’m now 72 - do the maths!

The Mont Redon got ****** no less from DrinkRhone. I can recommend a subscription to that websire. J L-L’s views are always entertaining, eccentric and colourful but very reliable.

Look forward to hearing the views of others and exchanging ideas and experiences in future.


Lots of nodding my head in your direction @RogoftheRhone
Great minds and all that…

My '16 Rhone EP purchases were:
St Jo Cuminaille Gaillard - same
Crozes Picaudieres Rousset - same
Cornas Patou Dumien Serrette - went the Ferraton Patou
Vinsobres Cornuds Perrin
Vacqueyras Templiers Cazaux
CNDP Mont Redon - same
WS Gigondas mixed case
CdRV St Gervais Dom. Ste. Anne Les Rouvieres - bought a bottle of the 2015 and then later read that it is indeed a longer term wine. I’m sure a good decant would help your cause.


I would agree about the Cazaux Templiers 2015. That and his brother Sarrasine should be forgotten about. I bought both. Also the Sarrasine 2016, which just might drink before the '15. That’s where Cellartracker.com is immensely useful.
I remember buying the Saint Anne, maybe from around 2000/01. It was very good indeed but there are so many top notch growers and you cannot buy, let alone drink them all; otherwise we would have livers like colanders!!:open_mouth:
Sadly all my Sarrasine 2013 (and what a cracking bottle that was) has been shipped and consumed, I shall go and see if there is s straggler left?
I truly am of the opinion that those who got properly stuck into Rhone 2015 and 16 have made purchases that will be their wine tasting benchmark for a number of decades.


Wow! Some amazing coincidences there @winechief, we’ve certainly got some awesome drinking ahead of us over the next decade.
Think I’ll open a bottle of the '15 Ste Anne in early 2019, give it 24 hours in a decanter, just to see what it’s like