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For the money I could not walk past the Raspail Gigondas 2014 at £19.50.
J L-L gave it 4*'s
I thought it not quite ready last time I tasted it


I am a fan of the Cazaux Sarrasine at £15.50
I bought it EP.
J L-L gave it 4.5*'s and described it as “big Value!!”
Only 40 x 6 bottle cases available
Not quite ready to drink yet, though.

If you can run to this one, not cheap but a great member comment already.


The Chave “fairy dust” at £36 per bottle. from a very good vintage and at a third of the price of the “Grand Vin!”
With the Exhibition Red and White Hermitages, you get to taste the class of both the Hermitage Hill and a product from one of the worlds greatest winemaking Domaines.
Heck, they should know what they are doing here, they’ve been making wine here since 1481!?!


I have just been offered 2017 Coudelet de Beaucastel at £150 a case. Does not seem to unreasonable given the state of the Brexit£.
What do you think?


Sorry, no idea!
If you want it then a couple of pounds ether way should make no difference.
Do not forget to factor in charges, such as delivery into your equation.


2014 Rhone offer just landed which would explain the large number of 2014s listed recently:


Just received an offer from elsewhere with £140/12 on the coudoulet, which is pretty much what TWS had the 2016 at.
I’ll wait for TWS offer I think.


It certainly reads well…

2017 Coudoulet de Beaucastel, Château de Beaucastel, Côtes du Rhône

Tasted as a representative sample that was blended from several foudres, the 2017 Cotes du Rhone Coudoulet de Beaucastel looks to be another sensational example of this wine. Sourced just outside the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, it’s full-bodied yet silky and long, with standout aromas of lavender and crushed stone backed by layers of cherry and berry fruit. Let’s hope the prices don’t escalate too much given the vintage’s low yields.

Joe Czerwinski, Wine Advocate (August 2018) – 91-93 Points


Not much in that 2014 offer leaping out at me. At the end of the day a weak year is a weak year.


I don’t think that it is fair to call 2014 a weak year.
I didn’t find anything either, but to be honest I don’t need them.
I bought from the EP offer and was happy.
My EP purchases included Crozes, Vinsobres, Libian, Rostaing, Perrin & Chave.
More recently Cote Rotie, Exhibition Hermitage & Raspail.

The Raspail 14 is a very good Gigondas.
But given the quality of 15/16/17 the 2014 vintage may be forgotten about only to be “rediscovered” in 2-3 years time and some really good, mature wine to become available.
I do tend to follow my instincts and if you buy Chave Selections, Rostaing, Perrin, Libian, Grivot and Fevre from virtually every year you will always have a quality bottle to hand.
Part of my wine education was to follow the winemaker.:grinning:
People like Chave, Rostaing, Guigal, Fevre, Perrin and Grivot do not know how to make a bad wine in their DNA, even at the most basic of levels. :open_mouth:
Coudoulet and Lezardes from 2014 have been delightful!
And for the moment, I am more focused on what I might be allocated from the 2017 EP offer, rather than looking back at 2014.
2017 Rhone will be Good, even Very Good and I’m sure in a few cases Exceptional.
A decent haul from 2017 should ensure with my 2015/16’s, a decade and a half of spectacular fun!:wink:


Jaboulet Thalabert 2015 £26

The best Thalabert ever made.

Jeb 97 Vinous 94

Only 2 bottles left :astonished:


Get thee behind me, Taffy! I have 2 bottles in the 2015 Crozes mixed case EP so will have to make do with them.


Just sayin’!! For those who don’t have any! :cry:


I know, and please don’t stop because I really appreciate you posting these finds. It’s my lack of self-control I’m unhappy with, not your helpful words! Keep up the good work.


My thought process is very simple! I am a Welshman, after all.:open_mouth:
1990 was the last great Northern Rhone vintage and 1961 before that.
One cannot predict, especially with climate change but suffice to say a 2015 comes along very rarely.

I will not buy at the top end for much longer, but when stock like this appears out of the clear blue yonder, then as a Rhone aficionado; it is my duty to scoop up as much as I can afford to. Prices are and will go up, that is the way of the world, interest has grown from Chinese consumers. 2017 was hit by drought, so prices will go up with less stock available, 2018 has been catastrophic in some Southern Rhone Appellations due to mildew of biblical proportions. And who knows what 2019 might bring, possibly a terrific vintage but maybe a deluge.
So my Raison D’etre, is simple, a bird in the hand…!

So thanks, I will keep on posting gems that I see on sale.
I am sure that Marcel has bought a veritable shedful of Northern Rhone 2015’s and Southern Rhone 2016’s for our appreciation over the coming years. But the price will have gone up and today’s Thalabert and Roure 2015, whilst being around £4/bottle more expensive than the EP price were/are still great value.

When I awoke this morning, I thought that my day would comprise of a bit of food shopping, some college football, the ODI in Sri Lanka and the Mexican Qualifying. It did not occur to me that I would have stashed away 2 x 6 bottles of some fabulous Crozes, a treat for Birthday’s and Christmas’s to come.
A good day! :wink:


Like the other poster I like reading you recommendations too the only problem I have is I can never (or rarely) afford them.

I have put Clos Romane, Sarrazine and many more in my basket only to delete them due to cold feet/lack of funds. Not even the high end stuff either, but that’s what happens when you’re skint.


My 12 EP bottles are resting happily in reserves :slight_smile:


Both Jaboulet wines now out of stock- least I can’t pretend to go to buy them now


Pretty happy to have 6 Thalabert 2015 slumbering away


Also nice to see 2016 Mont-Redon Chateauneuf has been rated 6 stars by JLL!

Glad I ordered 6 Magnums. Bargain relative to some of the more fashionable names.


Perchance Rouge?


When and where did you purchase these gems?:astonished::